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Our Story

Since the birth of the industry, operators have primarily focused on player acquisition without investing enough into the customer relationships they already have. As the iGaming market would become increasingly saturated and more competitive something had to change.

In 2008, Enteractive was founded with the mission to help iGaming operators build outstanding customer relationships. Investing into a customer relationship starts with communication. To talk to the individual that is the customer. Being personal. Having a real conversation.

We decided to develop and perfect a platform and process for how to do this. At real scale. When our methodology is applied it builds long-lasting customer relationships and strengthens brand loyalty. It re-engages players and makes them stick around. At the same time as it monitors for problem gambling thus ensuring Responsible Gaming on a 1-on-1 basis.

When you connect with us, you truly connect with your players. Your revenues and bottom line will improve. As will your Responsible Gaming conduct. Best of both worlds, through one single API.


Our unique (Re)Activation Cloud technology puts you in control, securely linking your player databases to our call agents, so they can call your NRCs and NDCs from day one with a personalized one-2-one conversation.

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