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Why join the Enteractive Family?

I've been working at Enteractive for 2 years and I've never experienced an office environment and culture quite like this. The staff here are more like family, we all eat together and get along great! But on top of that, the amount of incentives the company offers just by doing your job well like winning regular overseas football trips, concerts, iPads, TV's, headphones etc.. I love this company!

Matthew HeadUK Reactivation Country Manager

Over the past six years, the company has allowed me to grow in so many ways just as other employees are able to evolve at Enteractive.

Anthony Micallef HR Manager

At Enteractive, you are surrounded by people who support you and help you give your best, whilst motivating you to believe in yourself. These are just a few reasons why I love coming into work every day.

Lina FedeleItaly Reactivation Agent

A good, healthy breakfast is very important for everyone. And to be honest, I don't get any greater pleasure than cooking for everyone here like I've done for the last four years. My colleagues are like my family!

Diane PulisHead Chef

The Enteractive Way

You Are What You Eat

Research proves that a healthy and balanced diet throughout your working day helps you avoid that mid-afternoon crash. That’s why we have our very own Chef who freshly prepares breakfast and lunch for the whole office every day of the week; free of charge for all staff members.


Feed a cold or starve a fever? If you’re not feeling 100% either at work or at home, we’ve hired our very own company doctor to ensure you’re always on the healthy side of life.

A clean home leads to a clear mind

Not enough hours in the day to ensure you come home to a tidy apartment? We’ve got you covered. We hire professional cleaners who are sent to your personal home during working hours, allowing you to leave work at the office and relax in your sparkling clean home at night.

Healthy habits

Here at Enteractive, we like to ensure staff is kept motivated in and out of work. That’s why we offer many discounts on local gym memberships around Malta. We also encourage staff to sign up to staff fitness classes, the Grid, marathons and more. If you are skilled enough, you might also make the cut for the prestigious Enteractive FC who in 2018 won the 5-a-side Football Team Cup.

Work hard Play hard

Our company culture ensures that any new member to the Enteractive Family always feel part of the team. That’s why we focus on many teambuilding events from our winter bash, to boat parties in summer, lazer tag, and even badger karting. We also offer many bonuses to anyone exceeding their targets or winning friendly competitions. Some bonus prizes included trips to Las Vegas, Beyoncé concert tickets, flights to watch big football games and many more.

A place to call home

Our offices are based in the Mediterranean’s best kept secret, Malta. Not only is this hidden gem surrounded by crystal clear waters, but we receive 300 days of sunshine throughout the year! However, for the rest of those 65 days, Enteractive has invested in new, state of the art offices which includes our very own Sports Bar. Yes, you read that correctly. We have a fully functioning sports bar, including a massive media wall, inside our offices for all staff to make use of after hours.

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