Player Reactivation

Large Size Operators – Long term results

We combined the yearly performance of two large brands in order to highlight the long term reactivation impact. The two operators in this combined case service more than eight regions including the UK and offer a full range of products from Casino to Sports Betting. For these operators the long term goal is to maintain a reactivation rate of >33%.

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The Goal

Maintain a Reactivation Rate of >33%

The combined yearly results of these Large Operators were as follows:


Yearly Net Revenue Creation


Deposits Made


Return on Investment


Average Monthly Reactivation Calls


Average Monthly Deposits Made


Larger operators often have massive dormant player databases, and keep re-filling them every month as more players churn. Enteractive’s reactivation approach scales well, and delivers significant bottom line results for both mid- and larger size operators and over time.

Our data also shows that reactivated player deposit levels increase by >200% and “re-churn” is even lower compared to the active non-reactivated player base.

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