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Mid-Size Operators – Nordics Pilot

Enteractive was approached by two operators offering four Nordic facing brands. To start off the partnerships we initiated a one month pilot for all brands with the goal to reach 30% reactivation rate. Reactivation rate is important in order to maximise the value of the existing player database and avoid wasted potential.

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The Goal

Achieve a 30% Reactivation Rate

The pilot was concluded Q4 2016 and the results were as follows:


Completed Calls


Deposits Made


Reactivation Rate

In these pilots, Enteractive were able to reach and talk to 2,883 players. 1,267 of these players deposited resulting in an incredible average conversion rate of 44%. Applying an estimated lifetime net profit per player of €500 this would equate to over €630,000 in profit from the pilots alone.


Mid-size operators have significant untapped potential in their dormant player databases. That potential can be realised quickly within 1-2 months by initiating a reactivation pilot project, then scaling up. This pilot was carried out across different regions and brands highlighting the fact that results are consistent across demographics and products ranging from Casino to Sports betting.

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