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How to keep acquisition rates high

The Acquisition game in online gambling is a pretty aggressive one. It carries the biggest spend on any operator’s P&L. But it’s the lifeblood of the business. When acquisition drops, the whole company suffers. So what can you do to keep your acquisition rates high?

Here are some thoughts to help you keep your acquisition rates healthy:

Diversify your Acquisition Marketing Strategy
Putting your eggs in one basket is never a good idea. Although it is a given that most of your players will come from affiliates, it is important to aim at a healthy balance between ads and organic visibility of your website too.

Customer acquisition strategy

How to boost acquisition through frequent content

One of the reasons why affiliates refer so much traffic is because they focus on what truly matters: SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and blogging.

They create masses of traffic from third-party sites that turn into player registrations for you. A smart way to reduce the reliance on affiliates is to create your own SEO and blogging strategy – the best acquisition marketing tools in terms of ROI (Return on Investment). It may take some time to work for you but statistics show that over time the results from SEO snowball over 2+ years, giving you more traffic for less investment.

Upgrade your customer service and acquisition
Quality customer service, coupled with smart listening on your website can make you an acquisition champion. Every affiliate will tell you that an operator with great customer service will bring in much more money because they know how to help people onboard more smoothly.

Activating new players is easier when you’re actively looking out for people who had a payment declined. Who didn’t finish entering their details after registering? Who made a deposit to play and never played? All these players were probably just distracted. Life got in the way, or a competitor did. If you reach out to these people and talk to them directly you will be much more likely to turn them into a customer.

They will also feel less like a number and are more likely to become regular customers. Just because you showed them that you care – you made them feel ‘seen’ by reaching out.

Upgrade your website
In order to deliver tip 2, you may need to add some tools to your site. You need to add as many listening tools as possible. If you’re already listening (most sites have monitoring in-built) you can focus on improving the stumbling blocks you can see on your site.

For example: is your wallet in the same place across all your touchpoints? Or do your players feel lost when they try to play on mobile? How can you make the wallet easier to find?

Take every opportunity to use player input to create a website that has as little user-friction as possible.

Acquisition bonuses
Acquisition bonuses are an obvious one. However, with some legislations, creating an exciting, high-converting bonus may not be easy.

Give this priority, however. Research, brainstorm and test. Especially where legislation is restricting finding the right high-converting bonus for each game is key to keep acquisition rates high. So do not skimp on this and put your best minds to work.

There are no rules to the perfect bonus, you need to find the one that converts well through testing. So the more grit your acquisition team has, the better you will fare in the long-term.


Find out more…
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