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An effective customer journey map is key to all your marketing efforts

The customer journey map is at the heart of all the other planning and reporting exercises in your company. But unfortunately many operators struggle to identify the key characteristics of their audience and the journey they take from prospect to customer.

The easiest way to start is with the 3 stage funnel. Each of the 3 stages defines the current behaviour and thought process of the prospect at that particular stage. It’s important to find ways of understanding what it’s like to be in your customers’ shoes. Gather information through surveys, polls and feedback forms in order to put this together. 

The three stages are defined as follows:

  • The Awareness Stage
    Often this is mistaken for “awareness of your products” however that’s the wrong interpretation. The prospect at this stage is aware of a desire, need or struggle which your product or services resolve. So they’re aware of their desire, not your business. In fact at this stage they’re not aware of your business at all.
  • The Consideration Stage
    We could call this the ‘shopping around’ stage. In this stage the prospect has learnt enough about what they desire and understands some of their options. They’re now digging deeper and researching their options, trying to understand which solution out there is more suited to their want or need.
  • The Decision Stage
    This stage is finally about you. How do you match up to what they need. How good a match are you for their particular needs? What are you better at than the other options they were considering?

This last question can be especially hard to answer for the iGaming industry where platforms vary only in branding. This is however a good place to look in the mirror and say “how can I be truly different?”. We all know the brands that get this right – Mr.Green, Leo Vegas, Betsafe.  All these brands are household names because they invested in branding, messaging and mystique that helped them stand out. 

But the impact of branding fades over time, you can only hit the market by storm once. Longevity comes from working on your customer experience and customer relationships. 

How do you treat every person that interacts with your brand? How do you show people they are not numbers but valuable customers to you?

We believe that calling your customers makes them feel special and grows your brand loyalty, this is why our reactivation services are built around one-to-one interactions with your customers to bring them back and keep them in the game.

If you’re looking to reconnect with churned customers and leave an impact that creates long term loyalty, we should talk. At Enteractive, we offer revenue share (Re)Activation services to get your high lifetime value players to come back to your site and become loyal players. Contact Andrew Foster for a quick consultation.