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Turning Website Users into First Deposits

There are many commonly-known ways to turn someone browsing your site into a player, and then a free play enthusiast into a depositing customer. Marketing teams and managers spend most of their time and resources focusing on new customer acquisition because they consider the acquisition process the most important marketing function.

So what are the most effective ways of getting an online gambler to deposit on your website for the first time?

1. Promotions
Whether you’re promoting the latest slots game or one of your acquisition bonuses, ‘Launch Campaigns’ or seasonal promotional campaigns are very important. In order to keep a consistent stream of fresh registrants coming to your site and entering the CRM process, it’s important to have as many of these promotions as is possible along the year, without burning out your audience. Especially when using tactics like PPC ads and banner placement, you need to be careful to vary your ad audiences because otherwise, the responsiveness to your ads will dip dramatically as the year progresses. So keep your campaign spaced out or focus on smaller parts of your audience. You can run PPC all year round if you target smaller niches in your audience individually and just take it in turns as to which to target. That way your audiences get a breather, but your acquisition flow stays consistent.

2. First-time Bonuses
We’ve seen these even on TV adverts. Everyone in the iGaming industry is using these. Give a big incentive for the first deposit, and make sure you reach as wide an audience as possible. It seems pretty simple really – and it is. However, it’s also important to be prepared with a CRM strategy to follow-up and retain those players.

3. Give the VIP treatment
Profiling your high spenders can help you identify which players are likely to spend more whilst they’re still in the Free Play stage. Ideally, you should experiment until you find a bonus that clearly attracts the high spenders. Give these people the VIP treatment right away. Reach out to them, make sure they don’t feel like a number. Make yourself memorable through human one-to-one interaction and you will win their hearts.

phone call engagement

Sharing the love with a phone call…

Acquisition strategies should not leave retention as an after-thought. It’s important to weave in as much personalisation and care as possible. It provides the basis for long-standing strong relationships and makes sure your newly-acquired customers which you worked so hard to win over, do not defect to your competitors too easily.

While digital CRM strategies can automate your player engagement, nothing works as well as getting up close and personal by actually calling your players individually.  The players feel special and are more likely to stick with your brand because of the individual brand experience they receive.   Sharing the love with a one-to-one chat is THE best way to make your players feel both heard and valued – something that we do at Enteractive each and every day on behalf of our partner operator brands.

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