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Blog Category: Customer Acquisition

What is customer acquisition? Customer acquisition is the process of bringing new customers or clients to your business through a myriad of new and old marketing strategies.

Customer acquisition encompasses a number of strategies used to attract new clients to your iGaming business. These vary but most operators use affiliate and organic traffic to acquire leads and email plus sms to motivate spend and activation. 

In our blog we discuss customer acquisition because this is important to our customers. You’ll find articles and information about customer acquisition here because it is intrinsically connected to our clients’ P&L performance, which is important to us. 

We’re reactivation specialists, and we understand that the more our customers know about their database, the better we can serve them. We therefore have an interest and always stay ahead of developments within the industry in relation to acquisition amongst other topics.

Acquisition and reactivation are intrinsically connected, though one might say, not directly. Without acquisitions to start with there cannot be activations nor reactivations. Moreover, the history of an iGaming player, including the way they were acquired, informs the reactivation process. We live and breathe reactivation and everything that matters in the player lifetime cycle.

In this section you’re going to find some articles we have written on the topic…