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The personal call that turns more free players into depositing customers

The iGaming industry has been growing at a rapid speed for a number of years. The number of players in the industry has grown exponentially and new brands enter the market every month. The increase in competition is driving up player acquisition costs, making player acquisition strategies less and less effective.

Player Acquisition Strategy

Getting potential players to land on your site and register on your platform is an expensive affair. It is made even more expensive by the fact that a large number of those first time registrations, never become depositing players.

Most iGaming operators use a number of strategies to attract new customers. The most common are probably bonuses, which come in many forms… extra spins or credit, entering a jackpot draw, welcome bonuses, refer-a-friend bonuses, cash-back incentives and many more.

Although they do not involve an immediate cash payment on the operator’s part and are therefore not a tangible expense, operators still struggle to find a differentiating factor to inspire loyalty. In an industry where the games and the bonuses are all similar with a different theme painted on top, the only true differentiator remains the customer experience. Leveraging customer interactions, can be key to getting more from your customer acquisition strategy.

First Deposit Player Activation Strategy

As reactivation specialists, this is the kind of project we love to sink our teeth into. Your list can generate a lot of profit if you give it the attention it deserves. Calling your recently registered players can turn up to 10-18% of them into depositing players.

Once these players have made their first deposit, they are more likely to keep playing. It is therefore also an investment in increasing your players’ lifetime value. That first deposit, however is key to increasing the ROI of your player acquisition spend.

Activation comes before Retention

Most iGaming operators invest a lot of resources in customer retention. This is by no means a mistake, however by itself it may not be enough to move the needle and take you to the profitability you’re after. Player retention assumes that only people who make a first deposit soon after registering are worth retaining.

But what about all those other players you worked so hard to get on your database? Allowing those registrations to remain dormant in your database is a big waste of value and money. Further investment to activate these free players could see 30% or more of those registrants turn into active depositing players.

This has been proven to skyrocket your customer acquisition ROI to 300%. Through both our NRCs activations and churned player reactivations, our customers have experienced an average 210% increase in player deposit values.

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