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Blog Category: Customer Engagement

What is customer engagement? Customer engagement is made up of engaging interactions between you and your customers. It is what keeps relationships alive, what develops relationships in between purchases and what keeps them coming back for more.

It’s also what retains them after they have churned and been reactivated. Reactivating old customers that churned is important, however working hard so they don’t churn is extremely important too. Churn costs operators a lot of money in lost revenues. And when players defect to a competitor the cost invested into acquiring that customer is lost.

Low customer engagement can create a cycle of waste inside your iGaming business, where you’re wasting leads and future revenue because customers are churning. Now of course some churn is normal but what are the numbers we should expect and what can one do to reduce churn?

In this blog section we tackle questions like these and go deep into industry statistics and strategies. The whole lifecycle can inform the reactivation process so we encourage all our clients to monitor churn. We then step in to provide reactivation services that bring back customers that have churned. 

In this section you’re going to find some articles we have written on the topic…