3 Proven Ways to Keep Players Coming Back in 2021

In the game of iGaming operator profits, Acquisition is offensive attack whilst Retention is a defence strategy. 

Both are required to win. Both are equally important.  Equivalent attention should be paid to both.

Retention is however often overlooked in favour of acquisition. If you’re guilty, here are 3 proven ways to boost your player retention:

1. Loyalty Programs
Probably the oldest tactic in the book, but still in use and still effective. You can create loyalty programs that reward play. Add incentives that give short term satisfaction, such as bonuses, free spins or plays, performance or participation badges etc. It doesn’t necessarily need to be monetary, in fact, some of the most engaging loyalty programs don’t involve actual spend.

2. Exceptional Customer Support
The definite retention heavyweight is great customer service. Great customer service will set you apart from the competition. It will make your audience feel like you know them like you care like they know the brand personally. The voice of your customer support team is the voice of your brand. No matter how smart and snazzy your website is, the truth remains that people connect to people. Your customer support agents are the glue between your brand and your customer. The stronger your support the stronger their loyalty. 

3. Encourage interaction
Keeping your players active in the short term will result in more activity in the long term. Seems logical but many forget to focus on keeping an eye on current customers that may be slowing down or losing interest. Smart automation in your email marketing and website technology can drive engagement as can a personal outbound call to make your players feel special and cared for.

When your players feel like you care, they are less likely to defect to your competitors. So use the 3 tips above to show them how much you want them to stay.

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