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Blog Category: Customer Reactivation

What is customer reactivation? Customer reactivation describes the efforts made by companies to bring back old customers that stopped buying. We perceive reactivation in the igaming industry as ‘bringing players that have churned back into the game.

We live and breathe customer reactivation. This is our favourite topic and specialisation. We offer our customers reactivation services through personal calls that give that personal touch. Our service comes with an intelligent platform that informs highly-trained agents about the dynamics of each individual player, so that they can use that information to make them an offer that will delight them and bring them back to your website.

This also gives you the opportunity to handle responsible gaming issues from the frontline, showing real career for your customers, whilst increasing your bottom-line through our revenue-sharing services.

In this section you’re going to find articles where we share our expertise on the topic of reactivation…