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Reactivation emails can be the first step to winning back your players.  In the absence of personalised one-to-one phone calls, a well-crafted email campaign can bring back some of your lapsed players.

Operating within a highly regulated industry such as iGaming, means abiding by strict rules regarding how to communicate with players. Emails from iGaming (gambling) operators are highly likely to be filtered as spam and can receive IP complaints.  

A profitable level of engagement with email and keeping unsubscribes under control are, however, crucial to any iGaming business’ survival. Often gambling companies invest in their email marketing and see a healthy Return on Investment. A percentage of players, however, will always churn, and little is done to reactivate the churned database once it has been through the regular CRM process and stayed inactive for over 6 months.

In order to bring some of those churned players back your email copywriting and strategy need to be as strong as possible. Here are a few examples of emails to inspire your next reactivation campaign:

1. We’ve made improvements

This kind of email is very tempting to click on.

Apart from the obvious Bonus-bait, you can also add in some details about why they should now enjoy playing even more.

Explain what features were added to their favourite game while they were away and give them that tempting reason to try their luck. 

Perhaps it’s a big Draw or payout associated with the game. Ideally something time sensitive so they feel the urgency to check it out.

Add social proof by letting them know how many people enjoy playing it every day, or how many spins per person it attracts. Or even better how much money players have won this month or this year.

2. Surprises

Gamblers like the excitement of the unknown, so you probably already know where this is going.

The kind of person that likes a bet, probably also likes surprises.

Surprise your churned players, make them curious and they’re more likely to return to your website. Send them an email that offers a surprise bonus, a secret voucher code or a special ticket to enter a draw.

Keep the actual details a secret in your email and ask them to log-in to see what the deal is. Retail companies like Gap use a similar tactic when they send their customers a random percentage off. The customer has to log-in to see the percentage they benefit from.

Works every time!

3. The Benefits Email

This email tries to list everything the snoozy subscriber may have missed.

It could be a recent offer – a new game, a part of your customer service, a brand new part of your website.

It’s basically throwing everything you’ve got at getting this subscriber back. If you have some information about their behaviour on your site, use it to customise the offers. You may even show them that you know which games they prefer and focus on that. Even if they don’t activate right away give them a reason to open your next email. That’s half the battle.

The last word…

In spite of the great ideas you may use to reactivate a dormant database, email may not bring back many of your old players. The medium, even when used very effectively will only bring back a small percentage of players. 

For best results, a one-to-one call with each player will personalise their experience with your brand and is more likely to win back those lost player accounts. 

If you would like to squeeze the most out of your churned player lists to improve your KPIs and have a direct impact on revenue, you may want to try Enteractive’s (Re)Activation Cloud services. Our teams of native country agents can engage your churned players and bring back more of your dormant database with a proven 300% return on investment.

To find out more, contact our Head of Business Development, Andrew Foster, at