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You Can Win Customers Back – Here’s How

Losing customers can be a very bitter pill to have to swallow, and it gets even worse if it happens quite often. To make things worse, you operate in one of the toughest industries on the planet – iGaming!

Losing customers in iGaming is not uncommon at all because competition between iGaming sites is stiff. iGaming customers are also known to drift in between different sites, always looking for the best deal of the best game.

So, how can you win back your customers once they’ve decided to explore someone else’s green grass?

Well these three simple and highly effective customer winback strategies are a good place to start!

What is a Customer Winback Strategy?

As the name implies, a customer winback strategy is simply a type of marketing plan or strategy to ‘win back’ those customers that are no longer active on your site.

There are various strategies and tactics which you can use to achieve this, with the ultimate goal to bring them back on board and spending money again.

Three Simple Customer Winback Strategies for You to Try

If you’re losing customers and you need to stop that leak (churn rate), why not start with these three simple and effective customer winback strategies?

  1. Get Customer Feedback and Act on it
  • One of the quickest ways to find out why your customer is no longer active on your site is to simply contact them for some meaningful feedback. In this way, you can quickly ascertain why they left in the first place, what they may be unhappy with.
  • Once you’ve established this, you can formulate a plan to correct the issues or offer them a solution that will get them back on board with you.
  1. Give Them a Generous Bonus Offer
  • Some players may leave simply because they’ve been offered more somewhere else. The quickest way to remedy this situation, is to bowl them over with a bigger, better and brighter offer. Sure, it may cost you a bit more to win them back in the short term, but in the longer term you have a happy customer that now understands how much they mean to you.
  1. Use RFM Analysis
  • RFM analysis stands for Recency, Frequency and Monetary analysis. This useful marketing model is used across a number of industries to analyse customer behaviour throughout their time (history) with your company or brand.
  • You can use the resulting data obtained through the use of these metrics to better determine which type of customer winback strategy will work best, based on each individual customer that is no longer active on your site. 

How to connect with the players?

There’s different engagement options when it comes to winning back players with these strategies.   Email and SMS can be automated as part of your CRM activities, inviting lapsed players back with personalized messaging, but by far the most effective approach for this segment of lost customers is picking up the phone and having a real, personalized conversation with them.

Speaking to the players directly does away with all the digital CRM algorithms and behavioural data, putting you in true one-to-one contact with them. It’s an opportunity to have a two way conversation and show some love for each individual, making them feel both valued and heard.  There’s no better medicine for healing attrition rates amongst players.

To find out more about our approach to one-to-one win back calls, get in touch with Andrew Foster, our business development director, at