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Creating Effective and Repeatable Winback Email Templates

When it comes to winning customers back to your business, brand or range of products, it can often seem a bit overwhelming. After all, where is the best place to begin a great and (hopefully) effective customer winback campaign?

One of the most effective methods to reach your wayward customers is through highly engaging and action-provoking email campaigns. However, creating an effective customer winback email requires finesse and a general understanding of your target.

One of the most reliable ways to get the job done, is by creating a customer winback email template.

Creating one or more customer winback email templates comes with a number of interesting benefits.

For one, by creating a campaign-relevant customer winback email template, you’ll be able to fine tune your message based on a specific group of customers, or a specific related product or promotion.

Once you have all of your important data or product details (plus potential incentives) in place, simply add in your customer details from your campaign target lists. The best part is that your customer winback email template is repeatable and reliable because you’re adding the variable (customer details) and not messing with your all-important product content.

You can create individual one on one or batch emails, it all depends on what you need to do to win back those customers that are either dormant, indecisive, or shopping around.

Examples of Great Customer Winback Email Templates:

While each industry or business type will require its own style and content when it comes to winback email templates, here are some interesting and effective template ideas:

  1. FOMO or “Fear of Missing Out”: Create a winback template that revolves around everyone’s natural fear of missing out on the next big thing.
  2. Checking In: Create a simple and personal template that “checks in” with your customers. You can even add “What can we do?” or similar to your subject line.
  3. Free Gift:  Adding “A free gift – just to say thank you” to your subject line and including some promotional content, free upgrades or exclusive “VIP” offers

The Next Level

While email winback campaigns can get you so far, if you want to see real results, it’s important to personalise your engagement with the player beyond sending emails and SMS, which only see a 6% response rate.   Real personalisation begins when you actually speak to the player in a real human conversation.   

At Enteractive, we see our Reactivation call campaigns convert 15% upwards of dormant player databases for our operator partners, highlighting that if you give you players a call, you can really make a difference to your revenues.

Find out more about Player Reactivation in our articles section or get in touch with Andrew Foster, Director of our B2B team,