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Enteractive CEO Mikael Hansson argues that despite the digital age of instant messaging, the one-to-one phonecall is still the most effective way to turn churn into return.

Technology dominates the way we interact with one another, whether that’s in a social or business context. Acquiring and retaining customers is no different, with operators using tools such as email, SMS, and instant messaging on a daily basis.

But there’s no guarantee consumers bombarded with promotional communications will have the inclination or time to read them all, such is the frantic pace of modern life. In more cases than not, it’s a lot easier for the operator to get their message across directly by picking up the phone.

For some, ringing a customer directly might feel like an old-fashioned approach, but done correctly with trained staff and it can be a powerful engagement tool. Not only can you build up a personal relationship, but it’s also proven to have a powerful impact on turning a churned player into an active user.

Reactivating a lost user


With rising acquisition costs, many operators are now placing much more emphasis on retention. However, keeping users engaged is just as big a challenge, particularly with rising competition in the industry.

And when the unfortunate but inevitable churn does happen among certain players, reacquiring them can be very costly.

At Enteractive, we believe that one of the most effective ways of bringing those lost players back to the fold is to speak to them on an individual basis. Through a simple phone call, you can build up a relationship much quicker than a generic email bonus offer or push notification.

Our dedicated and trained team ask individuals what kind of content they prefer, and the reasons why they have become inactive. The conversation is effectively a survey and allows the agent to build up a picture of the player’s likes, dislikes, and current circumstances. We ensure that costumers are contacted by agents they can relate to, who share the similar cultural backgrounds in order to create a long term loyal relationship.

Many are still betting or gaming elsewhere, yet a particular operator taking interest in them may be all the incentive they need to return, particularly if the results of the ‘survey’ can be used to tailor a specific bonus.

Reactivating those churned players can be hugely beneficial to a business, and we estimate that such a practice can turn 30% of players active again.

These phone calls can also be highly effective in identifying issues when talking to them directly. Whether this is to do with age restrictions or problem gambling, operators can make note of the individual’s details to be ensure they aren’t contacted again.

Roll out the red carpet


Businesses look to make sure their VIP players are treated well due to their high value, but there’s no reason why with our service the VIP experience cannot be extended to the rest of an operator’s customer base in a cost-effective manner. Particularly when firms are looking to differentiate themselves and stay ahead of the competition in such a saturated market, providing a top-notch reactivation service could hold the key.


Mikael Hansson is the CEO of Enteractive, the leading provider of player retention solutions for the iGaming industry. He co-founded the company in 2008 and has a wealth of experience in senior management roles. Prior to Enteractive, he was a corporate CFO as well as owner of a consulting/advisory firm.

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