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What Was Once Lost Can Be Reacquired 

All good business models rely on the same thing: repeat customers. 

This is what makes it so hard when you lose valued customers that were once regulars. 

But, all is not lost forever. You can win these customers back. But how? 

We’ll walk you through five key strategies you can use below.

#1: Ask For Feedback

The only way we can learn why a customer stops frequenting a site is through open communication. If a customer deactivates their account, send a follow-up email with a brief survey seeking feedback. This strategy serves two parts. The first part is that the customer can vent any frustrations and feel validated. The second is that you receive important data to help you improve your business. 

#2: Attempt a Win-Back Program

A win-back program can be a solid investment for a site seeking reactive users. Target the right customers, and offer a one-time promotion to entice them to return. This could potentially lead to large returns if you have the right message and the right offer. 

#3: Target Your Top Customers

By this, we mean to make sure you are focusing on the right customers for your message. Don’t waste your time on one-time customers or those that didn’t stick around for very long. You want to reach out to those that were once loyal but are now no longer. This will help you save your resources and energy. 

#4: Promote New Features

It’s possible your customer left because someone else was offering a feature they were looking for that you didn’t have at the time but now do. Make sure that people know that. What is new? What has changed? What has been updated? Show these things off and give them the reasons they want to hear to come back. 

#5: Make Them Feel Special

Roll out the red carpet, and be ready to go above and beyond for your reacquired customers. This does not have to cost your business anything to do. Keep the list of users that were a part of your reacquisition and send them a specialized email to check-in on them. It’s all about making them feel like they matter because they do. And in return, you get to keep a valued customer at little-to-no cost to you. 

Turning Churn into Return

Get in touch with your players directly.  Give them a call on the phone to find out more about their preferences and how you can improve their experience, just for them.   This more personalised approach will win you brownie points for caring and let the individual player know that you value them and you want to tell them!

At Enteractive, we see our Reactivation call campaigns convert 15% upwards of dormant player databases for our operator partners, highlighting that if you give you players a call, you can really make a difference to your revenues.

Find out more about Player Reactivation in our articles section or get in touch with Andrew Foster, Director of our B2B team,