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Reactivation email is not your best bet

In spite of millennials moving away from email, it is still described as one of the marketing channels that give you the best ROI. According to Marketing Sherpa unless you do something about it, your database attrition rate will often hover at around 25% per year. (Marketing Sherpa Report)

The same report states that if you use email marketing, chances are around 75% of your database is inactive. Many fail to see this as a huge opportunity to boost the P&L in a short time, without spending a lot of money on new player acquisition.

Reactivation Email Strategies  – reactivation through emails

There are many ways you can use email to re-engage your audience, whilst still being GDPR compliant. The ones that can still receive your email can be targeted through a well-planned re-engagement campaign.

Cash-back offers, promotions and other incentives can help turn new and old free players into depositing customers. Relevancy is the name of the game, so you will need to use as much data and segment players efficiently to get good results.

Yet, in a world of overwhelmed inboxes, attention is quickly diminishing, and email filters are getting tougher. So if your click-through rates and engagement results are at an all-time low, you’re not alone.

Sometimes you can boost a reactivation email campaign by supporting it through the use of mobile notifications. Many Apps depend on such notifications to keep players coming back.

The big disadvantage though is that with many apps installed on people’s phones nowadays, many tend to disable notifications. Once this happens you will never be able to reach that customer again through mobile. So notifications should be used with extra care and always add a touch of usefulness (like balance reports etc) to discourage players from switching them off.

Reactivation Email Strategies enteractive

SMS Strategies

Another alternative medium of communication is SMS, but this also calls for careful use. Many customers perceive this as spammy and are frustrated by the fact that in most cases it is difficult to unsubscribe from. So if you decide to use SMS make sure your players can unsubscribe easily and that you have followed GDPR compliance if it applies to your business.

Add a human touch to supercharge reactivation

All is not lost. There is still one very valuable form of communication you can use with your players.

In today’s impersonal world personal calls have become uncommon. If you follow-up your email activation efforts with a real in-person call to add the human touch, your audience will be positively delighted.

A phone-call will make your players feel like they are not just a number. They will know that their business and loyalty is important to you. It will make you stand out as an operator that actually cares and they will want to reciprocate.

You will also be able to better serve your players and increase conversion rates. Because a phone-call is a great opportunity to collect more information about what your customers want. A personal phone-call is an upgrade in your relationship with your players. By delighting them you win loyalty and increase immediate deposits as well as Player Lifetime Value.

The Enteractive team is made up of agents that specialise in nurturing loyalty through making that personal phone call. We give your customers a delightful experience that stays with them.

We can reactivate 50% of your database giving you an ROI of 300% in 90 days. Talk to a representative to discuss how we could make this happen for you, with minimal set-up time.

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