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One on One Reactivation Marketing

The iGaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and experienced phenomenal growth last year, despite challenges that included lockdowns and shutdowns across the board.

However, with all that growth comes a significant level of competition, often for the same share of the market within a particular territory or niche. Customer acquisition can be an expensive and time consuming marketing process, while retaining or reactivating existing customers is already half the battle won.

When it comes to reactivation marketing strategies, email has often been the go-to method for most platforms within the iGaming sector. However, there is a new, and much cooler (read: more effective) way to reactivate dormant customers.

One on One Reactivation Marketing

Up until fairly recently, CRM activities with the majority of platforms within the vast iGaming sector, revolved mainly around communicating with their customers via SMS and email.

However, as many are beginning to realise, this does not always work to their advantage. On a daily basis, the average customer is bombarded by dozens, if not hundreds of marketing emails and SMS’s. To the point where most customers will simply ignore them or add them to their spam filters.

But there’s a far more effective form of reactivation marketing that focuses on a one-to-one method of communication. The way it works is very simple, and iGaming platforms that adopt one on one phone calls in their reactivation marketing campaigns, see a significant improvement in reactivation.

A list of dormant customers is created and each one receives a personalised phone call from a professional service that specialises in customer reactivation as well as customer retention strategies. Each customer is approached as a unique individual, and a one to one conversation that focuses on their experience with your platform ensues.

In this way, each customer is made to feel special and important. They understand that they mean a great deal to your business, and gain confidence in your services, based on that tailor-made conversation.

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