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Four Essential Elements to Any Winback Email Campaign

When it comes to expanding your current customer base, it’s easy to get tunnel vision and only focus on acquiring new customers, as well focusing exclusively on those related costs (CAC).

However, have you considered just how important it is to not only retain your current customer base, but actually win back customers?

Every industry loses customers at some point, and for all sorts of reasons. Some may have simply forgotten about you in all the competition within your particular niche, others may have become dormant, or simply moved to ‘greener pastures’.

All is not lost, and winning customers back can be a highly effective way of shoring up your current customer base, as well as gaining new opportunities to introduce old acquaintances to your new products.

Here’s how you can create an effective winback email that will work for any industry.

Four Essential Elements to Any Winback Email Campaign

No matter what industry you may fit into, creating an effective customer winback email is easy to do. This is of course, as long as you stick to four essential elements that work across the board, no matter your customer type or product.

1: The Reminder

The reminder is the first essential element that an effective customer winback email should contain. This is simply a friendly reminder or a ‘reach out’ to your customers who may have forgotten about you, your products or your services. It’s a quick and simple way to refresh their memory and get them to click on your included CTA button.

2: The Incentive

The second element kicks in if your first element, the reminder, didn’t really do what you wanted it to do. This time around, you provide some sort of incentive or ‘reward’ that will entice them to click through to your website or store. This can be anything from a juicy discount, an exclusive bonus, VIP points or what have you.

3: One Last Chance

Let’s say that your reminder and your incentive haven’t worked. The third customer winback element gives them one last chance to grab your incentive and take advantage of the offer, before it’s too late. This will usually push them over that hump of doubt and into action. If not, there’s one last element to try.

4: Saying Goodbye

If you get to this point with your customer winback campaign, this is it, your last ditch attempt to win them back. By letting your customer know that you’ll unfortunately have to remove them from your mailing list. Quite often this may spur some action in them, as people often dislike finalities or ‘goodbyes’. Be sure to include links or a CTA button that they can click on and still redeem your offers.

The Next Level

While email winback campaigns can get you so far, if you want to see real results, it’s important to personalise your engagement with the player beyond sending emails and SMS, which only see a 6% response rate.   Real personalisation begins when you actually speak to the player in a real human conversation.   

At Enteractive, we see our Reactivation call campaigns convert 15% upwards of dormant player databases for our operator partners, highlighting that if you give you players a call, you can really make a difference to your revenues.

Find out more about Player Reactivation in our articles section or get in touch with Andrew Foster, Director of our B2B team,