Blog Category: Customer retention

What is customer retention? Customer retention encompasses all the efforts made by a company to retain existing customers. In the iGaming industry this often comes in the form of offers, bonuses and improvements to the overall customer experience.

It is any action that retains players on your site once they’ve been acquired into your ecosystem. Low customer retention rates present a large cost to operators and therefore keeping retention rates healthy is an important element of a healthy P&L.

Low customer retention can waste a lot of acquisition investment in your igaming business, reducing future cumulative revenue. Of course some churn is normal but what we are concerned with is what keeps customers coming back.

As activation specialists we value every customer and understand the importance of keeping them once they’ve been acquired or reactivated.

What is a good retention rate in iGaming? How can we improve customer retention?

In this blog section we tackle questions like these and go deeper into industry statistics and strategies. The whole customer lifecycle informs the reactivation process making it more powerful.

In this section you’re going to find some articles we have written on the topic…