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Don’t let customer churn get the better of you

It’s no surprise that with a world pandemic 2020 has not been business as usual. However our customers are still out there, and there is still money to be made. Some say it has become harder to find new customers. Avoiding customer churn is key in times like these, when acquisition is harder.

We are seeing big changes on the human front.

Behaviours are changing; the pandemic, global weather events caused by global warming and anti-racist movement are shifting the way people think and perceive the world. The effect of this and its implications for business show up through client expectations.

But how will online customers expect businesses to behave in 2021? The answer to this question is going to be key to avoid customer churn.

Avoiding customer churn: What do your customers expect?

“The most human business wins”

as Mark Schaefer, Author of many marketing books  and speaker recently discussed in his podcast. This statement couldn’t be more true now.

The pandemic has given people the chance to stop and think. They’re assessing where their money and their attention is going. They’re realising that companies that keep doing business-as-usual show they don’t really care about their customers.

They don’t understand how their customers’ lives have changed and therefore do not show empathy in their marketing and customer service.

This is going to impact where customers go. The true winners are going to be those companies that can connect with the communities they sell to and show they care; show they’re more ‘human’ than their competitors.

So how can your iGaming company show they are more human than the next operator?

Reach out to your customers

Contact your customers by telephone. Have you ever received a call from a company you spend money with regularly? A call that wasn’t attempting to upsell you to the next more expensive tier?

Calling your customers to make them offer them something for free and just check in how they’re doing can make you stand out. This will shift your customers’ perception in an instant. They will start believing that you truly care, that you don’t see them as a number. That they are important to you.

Responsible gaming and financial issues

The elephant in the room of the iGaming industry is the risk of player addiction. In times where mental health is at an all-time low and customers might be more prone to drive themselves to a place they find it hard to come back from, a company that stretched out their hand to help will trump the humanity challenge.

By speaking to your customers directly, and asking the right questions through trained professional agents, you can make your players feel that you care. You also care for those people who should not be spending money with you because it’s a risk to them. 

A very effective way of reducing churn is in fact to add elements 1 and 2 above into your reactivation campaign. By calling people who stopped playing on your website to bring them back into the game with a personalised offer, you can hit both your financial targets and your ‘humanity’ targets. 

If you would like to reach out to your current customer base to make them feel you care. To bring them back into the game and rebuild a loyal relationship with them give us a call. We can help you reach out to your churned players and turn them into paying customers again.

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