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How to reduce churn and retain customers to create predictable business growth

Reducing churn is on the forefront of every iGaming company’s agenda. There are many tried and tested customer retention strategies that can help you scale your operations faster and reach your yearly targets more efficiently. Most of them, include the addition of a simple human touch across your platforms.

Here are 4 proven strategies that will grow your business by improving your customer retention:


1. Customer Retention Strategies that are a Step Ahead

Anticipating your customer needs can inject loyalty into your customer relationships. By understanding the customer journey and at which stages that are likely to make their first deposit, you can fast track your client relationship by making direct and personal contact.

One simple way of anticipating your customers’ needs is to reach out and talk to them. You might offer them an on-boarding perk or bonus and ask them a few questions about what they expect, enjoy playing or any upcoming campaigns you might be offering.

Knowing what your players want, will put you in a position to keep them from going to your competition. You will also become better over time at converting those first-time users into depositing players. At Enteractive we call this strategy Activations of newly registered customers (NRCs).

Our clients have seen excellent results with outbound call campaigns in the first stages of player acquisition with an increase of up to 15% of first time depositing customers (NDC) and a reactivation rate of 460%.

2. Design an Easy Customer Experience

Designing your site to make on-boarding and travelling along the customer journey effortless is of extreme importance. If customers have technical problems without the help of efficient and instant customer support they are likely to give up and look for an easier site to play on.

The customer experience is of utmost importance in the iGaming industry where the main differentiator is often the wrapper of the game and the experience your platform provides.

3. Create a Strong Distinguishable Brand

If you want more players to hang around, create a Brand with a strong character. Whether it has mystique of Mr Green or a fun approach like Leo Vegas or a strong persona like Betsafe, it needs to stand out if you want to increase both retention and customer loyalty.

Creating a brand with a strong promise will create expectations, but also loyalty. Deliver and stay true to your Brand promise, and you could be looking at really fast growth.

4. Proactive Outbound Campaigns

Taking a proactive approach by calling your customers first, before they contact you, via an outbound call campaign can be very effective too.

One way you could do this is monitoring your payment error messages per client and proactively calling them to help them out. Build notification into your system that allow you to know when a player is repeating the same action unsuccessfully. Focus your efforts on those points in the customer journey that are key to converting and keeping the players playing.

If this sounds like a great strategy to you but you’re worried about your outbound sales team’s capacity contact Andrew Foster for a Free consultation on

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