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Calling your players is the best way to build customer retention

Most large companies across any industry vertical are using some form of customer service retention strategy. Anyone with a call centre and customer retention strategy know-how is doing at least some of these four things:

Surprising their customers with something delightful
If you know your customers, this one should be easy to do. Everyone loves surprises. When they come in the form of an outbound call that makes you an offer you wanted, that turns you into a happy customer. So make sure you have as much CRM and gameplay information as you need to provide the right offer that will make someone’s day.

Build retention through direct customer relationships
Relationship-building is key to create long term loyalty. The best way to stand out and build strong relationships with your brand is direct phone calls. In a world of automation, people feel processed and taken for granted. Giving them that special one to one attention will make you unforgettable. Your players won’t feel like a number anymore. Their loyalty will last the test of time.  

Keep players feeling special with a phone call

Re-engage waning players
Re-engaging players that haven’t played as often, as usual, can help you stop them from defecting to your competitors. Your players use multiple sites at once, so it’s common for them to find new games and forget to go to old ones. If you know your customers and make sure you keep enough in-game CRM incentives to keep them excited, you’re more likely to have better retention. But some will unavoidably churn. You can keep clients from churning by calling them and helping them get back into the game using a bonus or offer.

Learn from customer complaints and queries
It’s important to learn how to listen carefully to all your customer complaints and queries. Create a system where customer queries and complaints become a source of actionable improvements. Your clients are your most valuable source of information. They will teach you how to create the best service for them. If first, you learn to listen to them and turn that information into an action plan.

Ultimate personalisation is the key that you need to trump your competitors. It doesn’t matter how complicated or simple your tools are, get personal with your customers and you’ll be able to learn how they want you to meet their needs.

If you’d like to find out how to maximise your bottom line by engaging with your players in the right way, get in touch with our Head of Business Development

About Enteractive:

Pioneers in player (Re)Activation, Enteractive partners with operators to increase retention and player loyalty, by engaging with players in a one-to-one conversation. Gaming groups across Europe are attracted to Enteractive’s ability to re-engage with inactive players in a scalable and personal way. All (Re)Activation methods used are GDPR and G4 compliant, and all data processed is highly secured.

As the pioneers behind the (Re)Activation Cloud™, Enteractive are experts in building bridges between operators and their players, increasing retention and player loyalty by engaging with players in a 1-on-1 conversation.

Enteractive also offers 24/7 Customer Support as an easy plug-and-play extension of day-to-day business operations.


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