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A new perspective to stronger customer loyalty

It is not a great industry secret that decreasing churn will increase the profits of any iGaming operator. It is also common knowledge that this is a hard thing to do. Perhaps for this reason, tackling churn is often overlooked in favour of acquiring new players.

On the surface acquiring new players seems like the fastest way to bring new income into your operator coffers, however this may not be the case especially if you have a high churn rate. Statistics show that reactivated players that would have otherwise been part of your churned database can bring a substantial improvement to your P&L with very little effort.

Here are 3 unusual ways for medium to large igaming operators to boost their P&L by reducing churn:

1. Decrease churn by focusing on your female players

According to Optimove Research “women make up 28% of registered players” but 34% of VIP players. This means that focusing on women gives you a chance of turning more customers into VIPs.

They also show more brand loyalty and spend more overall, even when they’re not VIPs. “Women outplay men considerably with an annual deposit of €1,143, to men’s €940 … their [womens’] average total bet amount peaks at €12,395 compared to €10,630 for men.

2. Give them a call

A (Re)Activation call can turn 30% of your database back into depositing players. Or turn new free players into depositing customers. Women are highly responsive to verbal communication and making them feel like you care, will certainly increase their loyalty.

Re-engage your players with (Re)Activation Cloud

Even under regular circumstances, statistics showed that women stay loyal longer on iGaming platforms and therefore spend more. So reactivating this specific demographic could result in longer lasting results.

Another good reason to focus on reactivating the ladies on your list is that “More women than men would feel excited (51% vs. 42%) or special (40% vs. 31%) if they were to receive an exclusive offer” according to extensive research carried out by Kelton. Calling your customers to offer them a bonus that isn’t available on your site, will have exactly the desired effect.

3. Follow them through their customer experience

If a problem occurs in the interaction with a company, the loyalty of women drops on average 25%, in contrast to a huge loyalty-drop of 40% of men (Wharton). This means that women are less likely to drop off if you make mistakes in your customer experience, making them an easier demographic to work with.

Women are however more responsive to certain colours and making your website specifically focused on women may be a big turn off to men. But women are more forgiving so you may do without this if it doesn’t fit your brand. The same research found that women are also to spend more and prefer games of chance, such as roulette and slots.

So if you want to delight your female customers you might want to design an offer that is specifically for Roulette and Slots and is designed to reactivate female players.

Because they are more tolerant to a ‘bad’ experience, your female customers are valuable because they hang around after your customer experience glitch and allow you to ask them about their experience and improve it.

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About Enteractive:

Pioneers in player (Re)Activation, Enteractive partners with operators to increase retention and player loyalty, by engaging with players in a one-to-one conversation. Gaming groups across Europe are attracted to Enteractive’s ability to re-engage with inactive players in a scalable and personal way. All (Re)Activation methods used are GDPR and G4 compliant, and all data processed is highly secured.

As the pioneers behind the (Re)Activation Cloud™, Enteractive are experts in building bridges between operators and their players, increasing retention and player loyalty by engaging with players in a 1-on-1 conversation.