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Increasing customer retention rates should be one of the KPIs for any iGaming operator

An increase in retention always results in a reflective increase in player lifetime value. This has a direct impact on the P&L and therefore requires attention and strategy. This is why retention bonuses are so important.

When navigating different legislations, iGaming operators may need to adapt their approach. However, the best way to encourage people to hang around is often a well-time retention bonus.

Here are 3 examples of retention bonuses that always work:

1. Bonus Free Stuff (that costs you nothing)

Retention bonus image

Delight your players with a bonus

This comes in the form of a Free spin. Entering a draw. Free Sportsbook bets or Roulette spins. Free plays at their favourite game. A bonus for playing x amount of hours. Make it clear that this is a loyalty bonus. They get this for showing you loyalty.

You have the data about the games they’ve been playing. Use it to match the right bonus to the right person.

Think delight.

What would absolutely delight people who love to play this game? Your answer to this question is your Retention Bonus.

2. Free Credits for Retention

Offer your players Free credits on their favourite game. This may have been part of your acquisition sequence in the form of a £10 bonus. In fact, your paying customers do not expect you to give them free credit. This is why it’s a great way to keep them interested. Give them free credits they can spend at their favourite casino table – without asking for anything in return.

3. Activity bonus points

Another way of creating retention and longer player lifetime value is to reward your players with points for playing. These points can be part of a reward scheme that allows them to choose how they want to redeem them. In which games and on what perks. This kind of scheme that allows the player to make decisions will also help you gain insight into what they value. 

No matter what scheme you choose to offer it’s important to understand your players. Today iGaming customers are very in-the-know. They compare different offers and play on various sites concurrently. You’re always competing. It’s therefore imperative to make sure that your promotions are as creative as possible. Delight your players with surprises.

Take your competitors’ offers and bring them up a notch.

Make sure it’s easy for your players to see that you’re offering more value. So keep it simple and keep the offers coming! 


Did you know that retention is a key metric for iGaming operators’ P&L growth? Learn more about retention: 

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