Keep your players engaged and coming back for more

Player retention strategies are very important to the online gaming industry because it is very competitive. In an industry that has to work very hard with little opportunity for differentiation, retention is key to increase the lifetime value of every player.

Here are 2 Top Retention Strategies that work for iGaming operators:

1. Optimise your acquisition funnel for high lifetime value players

Every operator tracks their acquisition funnel in detail, monitoring every conversion point and traffic source across it. This is an important and effective strategy, however it can become even more profitable overall in the long run if you pay special attention to what converts and delights your higher lifetime value clients.

In order to work on this kind of optimisation you have to first have a sizeable sample of high lifetime value clients. According to Jeff Sauro a Six-Sigma trained statistical analyst writes, a sample of 2,500 or more players will give you the smallest error margin.

If you have fewer high lifetime value clients, you need to be aware that your error margin is going to be larger based on the sample available.

Once you have picked your sample you can optimise your funnel for these people by taking a holistic approach to understanding their customer journey and the decisions they have taken along the way. You want to specifically profile them as a separate target audience.

You can collect information about them using surveys and polls, website analytics, email and bonus data, game analytics etc. Dig into every statistic you can muster and every direct analysis you have access to.

This data will enable you to profile this audience in detail and reverse engineer how they turn into high lifetime value clients. You’re likely to discover some commonalities between them that will help you find them more easily online.

2. Bring your high lifetime value players that stopped playing back into the game

Track down those high lifetime value players that haven’t played for some time and bring them back with a personal call and a personalised offer. Once you’ve been through point one (above) and begin to understand what makes this particular section of your audience tick, you can use this information to take a look at those people in your database that have defected. You may also have some information about what might be the best bonus or offer to present them with in order to entice them to come back and play on your website.

This might also be an opportunity for you to exercise your responsible gaming filters and also understand why they defected in the first place. All this data should be fed back into your marketing and reactivation cycle so that you become more and more successful at retaining your high lifetime value customers.

If you have been collecting enough data to identify your high lifetime value clients, it may be a good time to talk. At Enteractive, we offer a variety of (Re)Activation services to get your high lifetime value players to come back to your site.

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