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Retention strategies that increase loyalty through great customer engagement

According to a document published by KPMG, customer retention is one of the biggest revenue drivers in online sales.

Consciously working on increasing customer loyalty will boost your retention rates and as a consequence you’ll see enlarged profits.

There are many CRM retention strategies however here are the 3 most effective that bring the strongest ROI:

Put listeners in place to notice churning signs in advance. The most obvious way to ensure customer retention is to prevent a customer from leaving by…

  • Reward your best customers.
    In iGaming it’s common for operators to separate their players into VIP and non-VIP. However there are more layers to this. Adding a layer of measurement that singles out those players that are above average spenders and identifying who they are and why they spend could be very lucrative to the company. Once you have identified them, you need to strategise. How will you reward them for their spending? Can you find a way of interacting with them through your customer service to make them a personalised offer?

    Why not send them an sms or an email with the customised reward. Make sure you identify which spending behaviours you want to reward and profile your customers to understand what reward will delight them.
  • Personalise your follow-ups. …
    Make sure that all your follow-ups are as personalised as possible. Do not make people feel like a number. That’s a loyalty-killer! Inject as much customisation as you can. This often means upping the volume on the data you collect and reuse. It’s worthwhile. Go ahead and do it.
  • Call them.
    It sounds logical, but most companies shy away from this. Calling your customers creates strong loyalty. When they hear that there is another human being on the end of the line, who actually cares about them, they respond. The one thing all your customers have in common is that they’re human. And humans crave connection. We are naturally wired to be social.

In spite of everything we might do, a number of customers will churn for reasons you cannot control. What you can control is bringing them back to your website by calling them. Yes treat them like VIPs, connect and your customers (even churned ones will respond).

At Enteractive, our revenue share (Re)Activation services brings churned players back to your site. If you want to know more, contact Andrew Foster for a quick consultation or fill in this form and we’ll call you back.