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Mikael Hansson, CEO of Enteractive, explains to SBC News regarding complying with social responsible standards that, “From our experience, there’s so much to be gained when talking to someone directly, whether it’s in person or in our case, over the phone.”

Technology plays a significant role when enforcing and implementing social responsibility guidelines within the iGaming industry. However, whilst technology may help operators with data analysis, in order to fully identify and guide vulnerable players, there’s no better approach than human interaction.

Many businesses are under pressure to acquire new players and retain existing ones, in what is becoming an increasingly competitive marketplace. This means that operators are having to focus on upholding a responsible approach, whilst also attracting users to come back to their site by creating a loyal, long term brand relationship. By utilising third-party services, who are fully accredited and hold socially responsible tools, operators may be confident that they won’t fall foul of the rules.

Read Mikael’s full story by clicking here.

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