iGaming NEXT presents the Enteractive Padel Cup

The Enteractive Padel Cup is a one-day tournament with 32 players from across Europe’s iGaming sector, taking place on Tuesday 19th October (the day before iGaming NEXT).
Invitations will first be offered to those registered to attend iGaming NEXT – click the button below to read about iGaming NEXT Valletta ’21.
There will be two tournaments as part of the iGaming NEXT week of activities, with our one-day Padel tournament, as well as a Golf FOURBALL tournament.  
Both tournaments are free to play, taking place between 12pm-6pm on Tuesday 19th October (the day before the iGaming NEXT event begins).   Places in each tournament are limited, with players to be invited to take part from a shortlist of those who have registered their interest.
This is the PADEL registration page – if you’re interested to take part in the GOLF tournament, please click here.
Please note, since each event take place at the same time, participants are unable to take part in both tournaments.

About iGaming NEXT

iGaming NEXT is a content-driven company dedicated to bridging iGaming and Investment. We deliver news, data, and insights via in-person and online events by bringing to the forefront the best keynote speakers, panel discussions and fireside chats.

This year the iGaming NEXT team will “Disrupt the Status Quo”, scheduled to take place at the picturesque location of the Mediterranean Conference Centre where some of the biggest brands and influencers will descend in Valletta on the 20th and 21st of October 2021.

Get ready to connect, explore and experience at iGaming NEXT Valletta ‘21. Register here: https://igamingnext.com/register/

Event host


Enteractive is the industry leader in player reactivation, driving innovation through custom-made tech, powered by personal human interaction.  As a partner to iGaming operators around the world, Enteractive increases retention and player loyalty through engagement with players in one-to-one conversations. 

As the pioneers behind the (Re)Activation Cloud™ and Engager mobile web-app for players, Enteractive are experts in building bridges between operators and their players, reviving dormant accounts and driving revenues for iGaming brands.

Additional sponsors

The Yolo Group (formerly the Coingaming Group) brings next-level innovation to the worlds of gaming, fintech, blockchain and more. Serving millions of users worldwide, the Yolo Group is committed to putting the customer at the centre of the universe via a wide range of fun, fast and fair products and services. Powered by a team of more than 600 Yolo’ers, the Group’s disruptive DNA is matched only by a desire to take everything it works on ‘to the moon’.