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Enteractive’s use of focused and localized data enables it to provide online betting and gaming operators with unique features that generate revenues and make their own brands stand out with their customers

The prevalence of digital gaming, media and entertainment platforms in our lives is such that it is easy to forget about the benefits of face-to-face or direct dialogue with customers. At Enteractive that is something our partners and clients often tell us once we start working with them and contact many of their lapsed customers.

Why is that? At a superficial level the answers are simple. Digital platforms offer scale, speed and ease of use, while technology creates substantial cost savings and enables companies across many sectors to directly reach thousands of consumers at the press of a button.

But in that very simplicity and convenience also lies some of the limitations inherent in digital CRM. The most obvious observation is that online interaction is, by its very nature, superficial.

It enables companies to contact their customers, but once that is done via email or text message, it is not possible to know how much of the information communicated has been taken on by the customer or if it was particularly relevant to them.

Targeted geographic approach

A further dive into Enteractive’s own data shows how much time we spend talking to players, whether they are newly-registered customers (NRC) or they are being reactivated.

As the graphic below shows, when it comes to specific markets, we are able to factor in key elements such as call durations, whether the players are being reactivated or are newly-registered customers, answering rates or best times to call and correlate those with conversion rates to determine the best possible approach.

This targeted and highly localized approach is what enables Enteractive to activate players and create revenues that otherwise would not be there for operators.

Real engagement

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Returning to the topic of digital CRM, the customer data points are all stored on databases and, in theory at least, all relevant to the player cohorts being targeted, there isn’t much more visibility on their responses to digital messaging, other than whether they deposit or place a bet. Having said that, it is also undeniable that when done properly, online CRM can be scalable and, to some extent, personalised.

But equally, there is also no question that the best way to get real engagement and conversions from players is by adopting a one-to-one approach that features direct dialogue and contact with players. In addition, for a 360 approach to player engagement, operators should look at all avenues available and have a good mix of tools to reach every player.

As Adam Kamiar, head of commercial at Hero Gaming, explains in this Enteractive video, “CRM is important from all angles, from activation all the way to reactivation. It’s about achieving the best possible (retention levels) month on month, to improve our retention and overall player lifetime values.

In the interview Adam explains that Hero Gaming makes use of a number of digital CRM tools. “However,” he adds, “there are lots of avenues we go down (and we use) Enteractive to achieve the best results.”

With regard to timing, Adam points to the importance of early intervention. “At the early stage of the lifecycle we understand time is imperative and once we’ve exhausted all of our digital channels we move to Enteractive for their one-to-one approach, which helps achieve the best possible conversion.”

Data-led strategies

For a well-rounded perspective, it is also important to remember that not all Enteractive’s efforts at reactivation will be successful, but, as Adam says, “even if we get a negative result we will get some great qualitative data which helps improve our player experience.”

This data helps inform Hero Gaming’s customer acquisition and CRM strategies and enables it tailor offerings to different player cohorts. In terms of geography it also enables the company to target specific  countries with relevant insights about player preferences and habits.

By enabling Enteractive to contact their players, operators not only create cost savings, but “some audiences only convert with Enteractive’s one-to-one approach, we see that in our results, and with that channel we’d most likely have to overspend to convert those players.”

“I think it’s a no brainer, Enteractive fills a gap in our CRM activities where no one else does, why wouldn’t you want to generate the extra revenues?”

In many ways Adam’s comments encapsulate the Enteractive ethos: providing unique services that help operators generate revenues that otherwise would not be there and enable their own brands to stand out with their customers.

If you’re interested to find out more about how Enteractive can increase your active players through personalised one-to-one engagement, get in touch on our contact page and we’ll get back to you to book a convenient time for a chat.