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How does Enteractive’s (Re)Activation Cloud technology complement the CRM systems commonly used by iGaming operators these days? 

With a portfolio of casino offerings that boast impressively low churn rates and ever-increasing lifetime player values, Hero Gaming are renowned in the industry for their rapid market growth. Their secret? A healthy base of loyal, active players that form the foundation of a sturdy bottom line: a crucial factor that allows them to be innovative, to explore new avenues, and to take new brands to market quickly.

As with most operators, churned customers can still slip through the cracks of digital CRM systems and can only be reached by a very specific and humanised one-on-one approach. 

Although reactivation efforts for this category are labour intensive – especially one that spans several geographical markets – the reward comes in the form of a loyal, appreciative base of returning players generating revenue that would otherwise be lost.

“It’s a no brainer… Why wouldn’t you want to generate that extra revenue?”

This is where Enteractive comes in with a solution in the form of an innovative and streamlined retention platform that allows our agents to contact hard-to-reach players. Making one-on-one calls to the players on behalf of our operator clients, Enteractive turns this segment of seemingly-lost traffic into a revitalised revenue stream which strengthens their bottom line. 

We sat down with Adam Kamiar, Head of Commercial at Hero Gaming, to discuss how and why they use Enteractive’s secure, hassle-free reactivation service.

Watch the video here or read his transcript below: 

“My name is Adam Kamiar, I’m in charge of the commercial team at Hero Gaming.

“At Hero Gaming we see CRM as important from all angles – from activation all the way to reactivation, it’s about achieving the best possible results month to month to improve our retention and overall lifetime player value.

“The majority of our digital activities are done through our CRM tool Fast Track, however there’s a lot of avenues which we go down using Enteractive to achieve the best results. To give you an example, at an early stage of the life cycle we understand that time is imperative and once we’ve exhausted all of our digital channels, we then move to Enteractive for their one-to-one approach, which helps achieve the best possible conversion.

“Even if we do get a negative result, we do get a lot of great qualitative data which helps improve our player experience.

“Some audiences will only convert with Enteractive’s one-to-one approach – we see that in our results and without that channel we most likely need to overspend to convert those players.

“We work with Enteractive in various different markets, I think it’s a no-brainer. They fill in a gap in our CRM activities where no one else does. Why wouldn’t you want to generate that extra revenue?”

If you’d like to learn more about how our team can help you increase your active players, get in touch with Andrew Foster, our CBO, at