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On average, we spend 40 hours of our week socialising with our colleagues, working towards achieving our goals, but ultimately closed up in our offices. So how is it that we put so much effort into our home environment, and neglect our surroundings at work?

Enteractive Malta Pod Sports bar

At Enteractive, we understand the importance of creating a comfortable yet functional working environment that represents us as the game changing company that we are. That is why we have invested in state of the art offices that suit the lifestyles of both our colleagues and clients alike.

Over the past several months, due to our sudden growth, we moved into our new Malta offices, which boast 800square meters of space. Once settled in, we began its transformation into something we are all proud to call home. Apart from investing in a large catering kitchen to satisfy the hungry stomachs of all staff members, we wanted to throw a curve ball into a standard work setting. And in true Enteractive style our curve ball was going to change the game for good.

We began by installing a 4meter media wall in the centre of our open plan sales area. Apart from being used in every morning motivational meeting, it allows us to keep up with any sporting event. Big or small, and anywhere around the world, the media wall is used to display football tournaments, the Olympics and anything else that will be of interest to our staff.

Our next step was to personify a dream that was conjured 9 years ago, when Enteractive was based in a small flat in Sliema, Malta. Sports has always played a pivotal role in the ethos of Enteractive, therefore the idea of owning a sports bar was inevitable. Many years down the line and 70 staff members later, I find myself sitting in our very own sports themed coffee shop located in the centre of our offices. With music playing and an energy like no other, the sports bar has further enforced a team like attitude with a drive towards making every day feel like a day on the field.

These renovations only mark the beginning of Enteractive’s journey towards a more exciting and welcoming company to be part of. If you’d like to join the family, we have plenty of vacancies available and we’d love to hear from you. Contact our HR Manager at for more information.

Enteractive malta offices

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