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‘HR is a work of heart’

The year 2021 was a year of changes at Enteractive. From a fully remote team due to covid restrictions to opening a second office in Bucharest, many things changed with the input of our amazing HR team, who always give their maximum effort to take care of the people at Enteractive.

Today we’re shining the light on Enteractive’s HR Manager Graziella, who exactly one year ago, took on her role at the company. Since then she has contributed to many positive changes not only to the HR environment, but more importantly to the work environment at Enteractive. We sat down with Graziella for 6 rapid fire questions to find out more about her motivations and experiences at the company.


What made you consider HR as a profession?

During the second year of my studies whilst pursuing an honours degree in Psychology at the University of Malta, I was introduced to organisational psychology and it was instant love. I realised that pursuing a career in HR will give me the opportunity to influence the well-being and productivity of employees and the business by instilling a positive culture. I also feel fulfilled when working with people and assisting them with; personal and developmental growth,  conflict resolution, and a variety of tasks all pertaining to the same goal – creating a nourishing environment to eventually reach the organisational goals.


What do you like about working at Enteractive’s HR department? 

A year ago I was welcomed to the Enteractive team and I couldn’t be happier. From the start, it felt like home despite commencing my journey working remotely. At Enteractive I was given a blank canvas that I could weave together with my team and other stakeholders. We’re given the necessary support and opportunity to implement what is requested at that time. We’ve witnessed many success stories of employees developing professionally and with the number of employee boomerangs that we have, it resonates that we have created a culture that people want to return to and taste once again.

HR plays a significant role in developing a positive culture and this, in turn, improves employee engagement and productivity. As a team, we also take the lead on employee wellness and personal development. In essence, it’s pinnacle to us that we help employees feel safe, valued and properly supported whilst managing risks and compliance.


How would you describe the management style at Enteractive? And how would you describe the Enteractive team? 

Enteractive consists of many amazing leaders and we all have our own leadership style. Diversity is a necessity, especially with the multicultural setup that we have. We have the ideology of flexibility as we can draw the best styles and outcomes depending on the need in a particular time. Everyone is keen to have a clear understanding of what we need to achieve, and how can we achieve it.


What makes Enteractive’s work environment different from other companies? 

We pride ourselves that employees join us not just for the benefits we offer our employees, but for the name we have built for ourselves. We are a team that go above and beyond ensuring customer satisfaction together with having an upbeat working atmosphere. We have music playing all the time and the vibe is phenomenal.

Our people are our greatest resource and it’s imperative to us that we treat our employees fairly and provide them with opportunities to grow, which also helps the company achieve goals. In quarter three of 2021, we rolled out a new performance management system to enable managers to recognise achievements and offer support to employees. We ensure that comprehensive training and personal development are provided and this also provides us with a competitive edge.

We are now geared up for another exciting year and like everything else, we keep growing and evolving with the business.


What have been the challenges around the covid situation in the past year? And how did you solve them from an HR perspective? 

The coronavirus pandemic has surely been an interesting time for us as it forced us to re-evaluate the way we do business. However, it was evident that with the flexible and agile mindset, we managed to act fast and adapt to a different way of working. As HR, we made sure that managers and employees received the necessary support and held various HR info sessions to make sure everyone is aligned.


Lastly, do you have any advice for people who are looking to change up their careers in 2022?

The time spent working is a substantial amount dedicated to that. My suggestion would be to always stop and evaluate the current job satisfaction, assess if the work is interesting and if it matches with your values and skills. Don’t be afraid to look for an alternative career path, be it within the same field or a completely different one. Once you have a clear picture of what you want and where you want to go, ask yourself what skills you need to acquire and start working on that whilst keeping a lookout for opportunities within the business or outside.



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