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Get to know Enteractive’s Performance Manager and Rugby League Coach

Anthony Micallef is Performance Manager at Enteractive. He’s always there to motivate the sales team and enhance their performance to get the best results possible. But Anthony is not only a coach at Enteractive. Outside of work, he’s coaching another team; the Malta Rugby League.

What’s it like to coach the Malta Rugby League and how does Anthony combine this with being Performance Manager at Enteractive? We sat down with him for four rapid fire questions about his experience as coach.


Could you tell us more about your experience coaching the Malta Rugby League?
Growing up in Australia where Rugby League is very popular, we were absolutely immersed in the sport.
I started coaching from junior-level as a 21-year-old and 5 years later I received an offer to relocate to Malta to coach the Maltese national team.
The sport has close to 30 member nations across Europe alone, and in my time as head coach of Malta, we reached a record-high world ranking of 18th-in-the-world, a feat that no other Maltese national sporting team has ever achieved.

After 8 year as head coach where I juggled 3 years as a Reactivation Sales Agent, I stepped aside from my rugby commitments to focus on my career at Enteractive, transitioning from a Reactivation Sales Agent to our HR and Recruitment division.

The HR-Recruitment role was ultimately the catalyst for me moving into my role of Performance Manager. My work over the last 12 months has somewhat mirrored what I used to do as head coach of the Rugby League team.


What disciplines and skills have you learnt from rugby league that you bring into the workplace environment?
Many team sports teach skills that are transferable to careers in our professional working lives. Amongst others, Rugby League specifically – helps to teach teamwork, interpersonal skills, discipline, adaptability, enjoyment and sportsmanship. They’re all extremely important factors towards success.
For me personally, I’ve found that values such as respect and humility, and skills such as coaching and accountability are among the attributes that have made a challenging transition into the iGaming industry very enjoyable.


What do you like about Rugby League?
In the Rugby League world, we call it ‘the greatest game’. It’s a great spectator sport, some of the world’s greatest athletes play it and its a high intensity, collision sport that is inclusive both on the grassroots stage right up to international level. The acceleration of the development of the sport around Europe over the last 20 years has also allowed me to travel both Europe and the world, both as a coach and match official.

Rugby League is amazing, I even proposed to my wife at a derby match in Australia, on the pitch 15 minutes before kick-off, in front of 21,000 fans with friends, family and even colleagues from Enteractive that flew over to Australia for the event.


How will you help the team succeed this season?
After a 6-year absence away from the sport where I got involved as a match official which has seen me officiate around Europe, I was invited to assist the Maltese national team with its preparation and delivery of commitments at this year’s European Championship.
We’ll be up against the likes of the Czech Republic, Turkey and the Netherlands. It’s great to be back involved, it adds to making life rewarding.
Despite having a predominantly Maltese based squad, together with our pro players from the overseas leagues, I expect us to be able to turn some heads in Europe again this October, and it’s just amazing to be charged with such a mission.


Read more about the coaching staff of the Malta Rugby League via this link.

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