The Enteractive iGaming Padel League Championship 2020 will start September 7th 

Enteractive has partnered with Padel Malta to launch the inaugural iGaming Padel League in Malta, highlighting the love for this fast-growing sport amongst the iGaming sector.

Padel is a racquet sport typically played in doubles on a court around a third the size of a tennis court. The game can be explained as a mix between tennis and squash, with a net in the middle and four walls surrounding the court, off which the balls can be played.

Padel MaltaTeams will battle it out over three months to claim the title of Enteractive Padel League Champions 2020, beginning Monday 7th September for a weekly Monday event at Padel Malta in Pembroke.

Those interested to enter a team should visit to register their interest, with all confirmed teams to be notified by 31st August.

The sport has proliferated in recent years, with an internationally recognised World Padel Tour and many European countries now including their own Padel Associations. In Malta, the sport is popular with many expats living and working on the island in the iGaming industry.

Mikael Hansson, CEO and founder of Enteractive, commented, “This sport is so popular amongst the iGaming community that we jumped at the chance to host the first Enteractive Padel League in Malta. It’s all for fun, but I’m sure things will get competitive very quickly!”

Janika Wijkmark, co-founder of Padel Malta, added, “We’re pleased to have partnered with Enteractive to launch Malta’s first Padel League and bring the ever-growing popularity of the sport to more people on the island. Enteractive are perfectly placed to engage their network of clients and friends across the iGaming ecosystem in Malta.”

Rules for the League

Below you will find the rules for the league, and details on how the games will take place.

How it works:

  • 2 persons minimum / 6 persons maximum in each company team
  • Each company can only have one team
  • Total amount of teams: 16
  • Each company will play against all other companies
  • At the end of the league the top 4 teams will qualify for the final round (semi-finals and final). If two teams have the same points after the league rounds, the amount of won games will determine the final positions.  The winners of each semi-final will meet in the final.
  • Each company plays 1 x match per week
    • Match won = 2 points
    • Match lost = 0 points
  • Rules for each round:
    • Normal matches, best out of 3 sets with 3rd set being a long tie-break (to 10).
    • Killer points instead of advantages
  • There will be weekly matches according to the full season schedule that will be published once registration is closed.
  • When: Every Monday starting from 20:00 finishing at latest 23:00
  • Teams are asked to arrive 15-30 mins early
  • Participation is at the sole discretion of the organisers
  • Cost per team: Free! (sponsored by Enteractive)

iGaming Padel LeagueDates:

Start date of League: 7th September
End date of League: 14th December

Final round (semis and final): Date TBC

How to take part:

Any iGaming company interested to enter a team for the Enteractive iGaming Padel League should register at and we will be in touch to confirm details.

About Enteractive:

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