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Enteractive iGaming Padel League – Autumn 2023

Starts Monday 4th September

The Enteractive iGaming Padel League starts 8pm Monday 4th September, at IK Padel Village in Pembroke.

This season, we’ve slimmed down the league to fit better in the Sept-Nov timeframe and maximise the fun, so we have just 8 teams in each division.

All padel league games will take place on Monday nights with Division One at 8pm and Division Two at 9pm

Evolution Gaming – winners of the Spring League 2023

Teams will battle it out over 7 matches, with the top four teams in each division earning a place in the semi-finals and finals to be held towards the end of November, depending on any ‘rain days’.


Winners Court tournaments –
We’ll also be taking a break from the league matches this season for big conferences abroad, like SBC Barcelona and G2E Vegas, and during those weeks, we’ll invite two players from each team to take part in a one-night ‘Winners Court’ tournament event, where it’s all about the individual, rather than the League teams.

Monday 18th September – Division One teams – Winners Court tournament
Monday 9th October – Division Two teams – Winners Court tournament

Winners Court Tournament – how it works:

  • Winners Court is a fun and competitive format in which each player joins individually. The objective is to win matches and get promoted to / stay on the winners court.
  • Once the last round is announced, the teams on the winners court will play the “final” and this will determine the prize distribution.
    • Schedule:
      19:30 – 19:45Players arrive and register for the event.
      19:45 – 20:00A walkthrough of the event format, rules, distribution of balls and court/team assignments
      20:00 – 20:05 – Players go straight to their courts and start warming up.
      We play as many rounds as we can until 22:00 and then the final round will be announced.
  • Match format
    • Players starting court and partner will be randomly selected
    • Regular matches are played until a maximum of 17 points and the Final will be played until 25 points
      • After 8 points played, teams change side
      • Once a team reaches 9 points the match will finish, and you should report the score and await your next match by the appropriate court
      • Partner selection and which team serves first will be decided by match official with the toss of a coin
        • Please do not start your match until teh match officials have randomly selected partners and serving teams 
        • There is no additional warm-up or play for the serve
        • Serves are played as 2, 2, 2 etc, until the final point which is 1
      • Players will agree between themselves who plays on forehand/backhand positions. 
        • On side change at 8 points played, the players may shift these positions once
    • When the match concludes please confirm results to the match officials and await your next match by the relevant court
  • Fair play
    • By participating you agree to conduct yourself in a fair play manner
    • Collusion of any kind will not be accepted


Any queries, please email

Rules for the League

  • 3 persons minimum / 6 persons maximum in each company team.  (Please make sure you have reserve players in case of illness or inability to attend – no shows will lead to a forfeit)
  • Each company can only have one team (unless otherwise agreed with the organisers)
  • At least two players from each team must represent the company. One additional player from outside the company can be asked to make up numbers, as long as they have amateur status – i.e. they are not currently, or have in the past been, a ranked or pro Padel player, or a Padel coach, or works for another company which has a team playing in either division of the league.
  • In each match, one player from each team must be representing their respective companies
  • All players should be registered at the beginning of the league, and follow the WhatsApp group to stay updated (Join with QR code on the right >>>)
  • All games should be played at the scheduled time, or the match is forfeited.
  • Scheduled match times cannot be changed by the organiser.  If a team wishes to play the match at a different time, due to being unavailable at the normal Monday time, they can request a postponement, as long as the match is played before the following Monday.   The team requesting postponement will cover ALL court costs for the re-scheduled match, and will forfeit the match if the opposing team is unable to play at another time.
    • Any team that fails to attend 3 or more matches, resulting in walkovers, will be disqualified from taking part in the next league, so it’s important to make reserves available to play instead
  • Match day is EVERY MONDAY (including Bank Holidays), unless weather prevents play, in which case the match day will be rescheduled by the organisers (another Monday match day will be added at the end of the league)
  • Each team will play against all other teams in their respective groups.  At the end of the league the top 4 teams will qualify for the final rounds in each group (semi-finals and final).
    • If two teams have the same points after the league rounds, SET DIFFERENCE and then GAME DIFFERENCE will determine the final positions. The winners of each semi-final will meet in the final.
  • Each team plays 1 x match per week
    • Match win = 2 points
    • Normal matches, best out of 3 sets with 3rd set being a long tie-break (to 10).
    • Killer points instead of advantages at DEUCE


  • Winners of the League in each division will receive the Enteractive Padel League trophy (Mdina Glass)
  • The winning team and the runners up in the Division One League Final Match will receive Padel vouchers worth €500 and €200 respectively, for all team players to share (for use in IK Padel shop)
  • The winning team and the runners up in the Division Two League Final Match will receive Padel vouchers worth €500 and €200 respectively, for all team players to share (for use in IK Padel shop)
  • The winning pair and the second placed pair in both Division One and Division Two ‘Winners Court’ Tournaments will each receive Padel vouchers worth €200 and €100 respectively (for use in IK Padel shop)


  • Every Monday from 8pm
  • Teams are asked to arrive 15-30 mins early
  • Participation is at the sole discretion of the organisers
  • Cost per team: Free! (sponsored by Enteractive)


Start date of League: Monday 4th September


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