Enteractive iGaming Padel League – Spring 2022: starts Monday 21 February 2022

Malta’s one and only iGaming Padel League returns for Spring 2022, with matches starting from Monday February 21st, in association with Pembroke’s Padel Malta.

While a week’s break has been scheduled mid-league (for ICE London exhibitors and attendees, teams will battle it out over 11 weeks, with the top four teams in each division earning a place in the semi-finals and finals to be held towards the end of May.

This time round, the day of the finals will see a day long tournament as well, giving everyone a chance to win something, even if they don’t make the top four of the league competition.

Previous winners: Press Enter

Those interested to enter a team should email julian.moore@enteractive.se

Rules for the League

Below you will find the rules for the league, and details on how the games will take place.

How it works:

  • 3 persons minimum / 6 persons maximum in each company team.  (Please make sure you have reserve players in case of illness or inability to attend – no shows will lead to a forfeit)
  • Each company can only have one team
  • At least two players from each team must represent the company. Additional players can be asked to make up numbers, as long as they are not currently, or have in the past been, a ranked or pro Padel player. They must have amateur status.
  • In each match, one player from each team must be representing their respective companies
  • All players must be registered before the beginning of the league, and provide email and phone number (for WhatsApp group organisation)
  • ALL games must be played at the scheduled time, or the match is forfeited. Any players who cannot attend a match due to illness or other engagements should be replaced with a reserve from the registered team sheet.
    • Any team that fails to attend 3 or more matches, resulting in walkovers, will be disqualified from taking part in the next league
  • Scheduled match times cannot be changed by the organiser, but may be swapped with other matches through mutual agreement arranged directly with each team by the enquiring team. A teams sheet will be shared with all contact details for teams. The organiser should be notified of any match scheduled changes agreed before 6pm on each match day.
    • GROUP A – 12 teams (Court 1 between 18:00 – 22:30) all teams play every week
    • GROUP B – 10 teams (Court 2 between 20:00 – 23:00) check the weekly match schedule 
  • Match day is EVERY MONDAY (including Bank Holidays), unless weather prevents play, in which case the match day will be rescheduled by the organisers
  • Each team will play against all other teams in their respective groups.  At the end of the league the top 4 teams will qualify for the final rounds in each group (semi-finals and final).
    • If two teams have the same points after the league rounds, SET DIFFERENCE and then GAME DIFFERENCE will determine the final positions. The winners of each semi-final will meet in the final.
  • Each team plays 1 x match per week (does not apply to Group B teams due to match scheduling)
    • Match win = 2 points
    • Normal matches, best out of 3 sets with 3rd set being a long tie-break (to 10).
    • Killer points instead of advantages
  • There will be weekly matches according to the full season schedule that will be published once registration is closed.


  • Every Monday starting from 18:00 finishing 23:00 (latest)
  • Teams are asked to arrive 15-30 mins early
  • Participation is at the sole discretion of the organisers
  • Cost per team: Free! (sponsored by Enteractive)


Start date of League: Monday 21st February 2022

Final round (semis and final): 27th May 2022

How to take part:

Any iGaming company interested to enter a team for the Enteractive iGaming Padel League Spring 2021 should email julian.moore@enteractive.se


About Enteractive:

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