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On the 25th of February, we had the pleasure of hosting Erik Bergman, the founder of Catena Media and the brain (or should we say – the heart) behind the NGO Erik invested a breath-taking $900,000 to buy the domain – and it’s all for charity! He visited us at Enteractive to share his amazing journey with all our employees.

Erik shared his life story, how he made millions at the age of 28 and lost his motivation soon after. This pushed him to search for meaning; which he found in Ghana, when visiting a school which had been built with a donation he had previously made for a mere $13,000. When he saw the impact his money could have on these children, he was a changed man. Erik decided to buy and turn it into a charity.

During his visit to our offices, accompanied by Emil from, Erik also spoke about the connection between success and work-life balance. He shared his belief that fun is at the heart of success because if you’re having fun you’re being your true authentic self and this sets you up for good career choices and personal fulfilment. He views this as one of the key elements that connect work-life balance to personal success.

Erik and Emil emphasised the importance of keeping our work-life balance in check. They talked about the importance of down-time and how easy it is to get sucked into long working hours – even 24-hour days if you’re a founder.

At Enteractive this is a topic that is very close to our core values. We believe in pushing people to become their best-selves, both educationally and personally. In order to flourish, a positive work-life balance is essential. This is an important piece of the puzzle that can help support our employees become the best version of themselves.

Daniel Larsson, CCO at Enteractive said that everyone was delighted to hear Erik’s talk. “He truly shared experiences from the heart, touched on personal subjects and let our employees ask him anything. It was a very successful event for us as it stayed true to Enteractive’s ambition to give all employees added value in terms of education and motivation.”

Would you like to support Erik’s charity, and feel Great?

Send an email to with the headline “Let’s be Great” telling them a little about yourself, and share this article to spread their mission.

Want to know more first? visit and  www.great .com.

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