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Blonde, curvy, blue eyes, a contagious laugh that can be heard a mile away, joy all around her and, most importantly, she cooks like heaven!

Who could this be? None other than our fabulous Chef Diane!!  Diane has been at Enteractive for 8 years (how time flies!) and in this post we celebrate this great milestone!

Her love for cooking started early in her family life – her dad was a chef and she reveals that she always loved preparing food and enjoyed cooking for the many people always to be found at home.

However, she confesses her more serious training and development in the food industry began some 14 years ago when she worked at the restaurant Sciacca St Julian, which is now a well known Italian chain in Malta. There she learnt the tips and tricks of Italian cuisine and much more.

In 2014 she started our on her journey at Enteractive, preparing meals for fifteen lucky employees. Eight years later, the company has grown exponentially, and she also grew with it to manage a kitchen team who together help to treat more than 100 fortunate Enteractive employees to delicious breakfasts and lunches every day of the week.

The variety of her culinary expertise is something to behold (and taste!). One day is Italian antipasto, another lasagna or chinese duck, or perhaps salmon fillets. This diverse menu caters for the many different nationalities that work at Enteractive and gather each day in the company’s sports bar cafe area for lunch time. It’s a time when the company comes together and share time with each other, all made possible by a shared love of Diane’s food! Not a day goes by without some new food experience to enjoy from Diane’s menu. How lucky we are!

When we asked Diane about her eight years at the company, she said, “I love the atmosphere and the positive vibes when coming to work, all the staff are so lovely and I like to take care of them and make sure they are always well fed!. It makes me very happy.

“We have a great leadership team – both Mikael, our CEO, and Pedram, our COO, are so humble, they made me feel welcome from the very first day. I feel like they are my family, not my bosses, they make me feel very comfortable to express myself and at the same time I have a lot of respect for them.

“What I like about my role as Chef is that I can fully express the visions I have about the cuisine and use all my creativity and imagination to create food experiences for all of the employees. Each day I push myself to do more than I know. It’s very fulfilling for me.

“I feel proud of these eight years working here – I grew with the company and feel a lot of satisfaction. I worked hard for it but I don’t regret a moment and if I had to do it all again, I would do it with Enteractive all over again!

“A special thanks goes to everyone for giving me the opportunity to achieve my position, to the management and to my team. I look forward to have many more years feeding the Enteractive family.”

Wrapping it up, we couldn’t imagine Enteractive without Diane, she is such an important pillar in our company environment, as she keeps everybody well fed,happy and healthy.

Diane, we wish you many more years working with us! Thanks for all your hard work, dedication and for your contagious loud laugh, we all love you!