What is your best fit?

From the finest soft leather ear pads to the ultra cool looks, headphones have been getting a lot of exposure on Zoom in 2020. Whether you’re looking for the comfiest fit, the edgiest designs, or the best sound, headphones have a renewed focus for all of us this year, so we thought we’d check out 5 of the most desirable options.

For the low profile minimalist

If you’re trying to keep it minimalistic, you might want to check out the newest wireless headphones Google Pixel Buds. The buds’ batteries last up to 24 hours and can be charged wirelessly with the charging case. They’re perfect for usage during a work out as they are water and sweat resistant. Probably the best thing of it all; the Google Assistant is always there for you. Just say ‘Hey Google’ and it will answer all of your questions.

For the gaming professionals

Professional headphones are specifically designed to give you the best online work or videogaming experience. At Enteractive, our reactivation agents use these types of headphones every day as they talk to iGaming players from our operator partners. So it’s important that the sound is impeccable, there is a good microphone to have a crystal clear two-way conversation, and the headphones feel comfortable to wear for long periods. They must also have good durability, as they’re used day in and day out for work activities. The HyperX CloudX Stinger gaming headset has all of these features and they’re perfect for us at Enteractive.

For the uber fashion consciousness 

No, there isn’t an extra zero by accident. For $4,000 you could be the owner of one of the most unique set of headphones out there. This luxury design, made by Focal, with the best sound quality you can experience is specifically made for the people who are uber fashion conscious. If you’re looking for headphones that nobody has yet, this will be your thing. 

For the creative innovators

Apple’s AirPods Pro are the companies latest wireless headphones and they’re a big game changer. Not only are they stylish, they have a lot of features which were not available with other headphones yet. With active noise cancelling, 24 hours crisp sound on the go and a customisable fit, the AirPods are perfect for every occasion. A definite must-have for the trend watchers.

For the timeless trendsetters 

Beats by Dre are the perfect example of style and quality combined. This brand has been around for a while, but always introduces a new model with other features. They’re most known for their big colourful styles and the amazing sound they produce.

Surely, there will be a perfect fit for you with so many options available. 

Whether it’s all about the sound quality or about the looks of it, a good headphone is a must in this online era to make the most out of your digital experience!