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The secret to success in iGaming with Anne Navrotchi

Meet Anne Navrotchi, one of our talented Reactivation agents for the German market. We sat down with her to talk about her journey of relocating to Malta and growing to be a successful reactivation agent at Enteractive Malta. 

Anne Navrotchi, (Re)activation agent for the German market

Anne’s friends would describe her as straight forward, reliable, and fun. She’s originally from Bettembourg, a town in southern Luxembourg, but got to know Malta when she came for a holiday to visit a friend. Not being aware of the enormous iGaming industry and the big role that the German markets have in this space, Anne had a very different idea about the island. Within 3 months after her holiday she moved to Malta to work in the iGaming sector. This decision was easy for her, being a keen poker and Blackjack player herself, as she always wanted to turn her love for iGaming into a job she could enjoy.

Relocating to Malta was a smooth process for Anne as many companies in Malta offer a relocation package. At Enteractive, the relocation package includes a transfer from the airport to the company apartment, which is made available to new starters for up to a month. Moreover, the HR department helps with any forms that need to be filled in. 

Anne’s best advice for anyone who wants to relocate to Malta is to apply for a Maltese ID. Although it’s not an obligation for EU-citizens, it will enable you to get insurance and purchase a car. 

There’s no doubt that the hot climate and the outdoor living are two of the things Anne likes the most about Malta. Additionally, she enjoys hiking, fishing, diving, snorkelling, and boating, which are some of the many things you can do on the sunny island surrounded by the Mediterranean sea. 

She describes the social life in Malta as multicultural, with a young, open-minded crowd. Moreover, it’s easy to socialise with people as there are lots of expatriates and the Maltese residents are very welcoming. 

The beautiful city of Valletta

Anne’s favourite place to eat in Malta is Sotto Pizzeria in Valletta, Malta’s capital city. This restaurant makes traditional Roman pizzas, and being so close to Italy, it’s easy to find lots of great Italian food here. Besides her love for pizza, Anne is one of many Europeans living in Malta who enjoy visiting Mgarr for rabbit, the traditional dish of the Maltese islands. 

So what does Enteractive do exactly? The company is the industry leader in player reactivation and our secret to success is personal human interaction. We found out that through engagement with players in one-to-one conversations, retention and player loyalty can be increased for our iGaming partners in markets across the world, both reducing customer churn and driving revenue. 

Across our teams, we speak 25 different languages to cater for different markets and territories, making us one of the most multicultural companies in Malta. 

Our Covid-19 proof lunch with recyclable plastic boxes.

A typical day at Enteractive starts with a brief meeting with the team manager to see what the targets are and how to achieve them. According to Anne, her team manager really motivates the team and pushes them towards their goals. This makes the team both ambitious and motivated. After the meeting, the team will start calling the players in a pleasant ambience. During the lunch break, there’s an enviable variety of options available, lovingly prepared each day by Diane – Enteractive’s own chef!

Anne mentioned that she particularly likes the friendly competitiveness within the German (Re)Activation team as it really motivates her. Since many come from a different background career wise, everyone has the opportunity to learn from each other, and it can be refreshing to talk to people with a different culture and perspective than you. Furthermore, Anne considers the sales techniques she’s learning at Enteractive as a life-long asset. She uses the techniques, which include active listening and stress management skills, when she’s talking to people in her personal life as well. 

So what is the secret behind being a good Reactivation agent? According to Anne, focus is an extremely important quality an agent should have. She says that she achieves this by having a healthy lifestyle. Taking care of yourself will result in a healthy mindset as well, and this will help you significantly in focussing on your job and being motivated to be successful. 

Of course, money and salaries in Malta can vary wildly depending on which companies you work for. As Anne agrees, many iGaming companies that have come to Malta from elsewhere in Europe often have competitive salary levels, which makes iGaming a great sector in which to find employment. 

With Enteractive being active in the iGaming industry, which has traditionally been a male dominated space, Anne admits that it’s sometimes a bit tough working in the industry as a woman. She has tried various different roles within the industry, in customer support and as a live casino presenter, before being a Reactivation agent. She likes working at Enteractive, because the atmosphere is amazing and employees have stable working hours from Monday to Friday, with a great work-life balance.

We are growing rapidly and are always looking for new additions to the team. Did Anne’s story spark your interest to work at Enteractive? Connect with us on and we will be in touch soon!