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A successful career in Data

The success behind our (Re)Activation Cloud technology is down to our brilliant IT team, who are always busy keeping up with the latest tech and innovations that can improve the efficiency of our services. Recently joining this incredible team is David Aquilina, Head of Data. What’s it like to work in the fast-paced environment of the Enteractive IT team, and what’s the technology behind the success of the platform? We sat down with him to find it out. 

David started his career as a software developer around 20 years ago, soon discovering that his favourite area was Data and that’s what he has been specialising in for the past 15 years. He joined the Enteractive family around four months ago and already has his feet under the table, feeling very happy within the team and at the company in general. 

At Enteractive, there was a need for a data platform with dashboards and reports to improve the efficiency and quality of talking to players in the industry. That’s where David came in. As soon as he started at the company, he built the data platform from scratch and is now managing the expectations of clients, taking into account the existing requirements. Moving forward, David is planning to expand the Data team to build the platform further and help Enteractive always be a step ahead in the industry.

That he was able to shape and build the platform starting from a blank slate is what David likes the most about his role at Enteractive. He is able to work autonomously, but at the same time has a great team around him for support. 

According to David, you need to be very number-oriented to succeed in a role as Head of Data. Moreover, you need to understand the business for which you’re collecting the data. You’ll collect the raw data and convert it into valuable information for that business. 

Currently David is mostly working remotely and each morning he starts his daily routine with a cup of coffee. Then it’s the 30-minute daily catch up with the IT team, before he moves on to sort out any queries or clarifications with colleagues or internal stakeholders, which come in every day.  Sometimes he works in the evenings after taking a small break in the afternoon, finishing up whatever needs to be done for the day. The flexibility of his hours is something that David particularly likes, making the day that much more manageable. “The company is very flexible with working hours, which gives me more freedom to plan my day how I want to.” 

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Besides this flexibility within the company, he loves the flat structure at Enteractive. “I never experienced a structure where everyone is so friendly and open with each other.” David describes working in the Enteractive IT team as “brilliant”.  It’s usual that during the daily catch up someone’s going to be making jokes about something, besides discussing work related matters. This whole work hard, play hard (and make the odd joke) creates a friendly environment that has made David feel very welcome since his first week.

The IT team is crucial for the company, especially when it comes to the innovative software Enteractive is creating for the benefit of client activity. The software,  (Re)Activation Cloud, automates many processes for the various teams that use it, making their life easier and their output more productive for the company. Enteractive’s clients, the iGaming operators, can link their player databases directly  to the software, resulting in a 24/7 updated contact list for the Enteractive reactivation agents to call and find out the needs of those players. On top of that, the (Re)Activation Cloud optimises call timings for best response across each and every market, as well as who to call from the list and what sort of conversation to have. The technology also complies to the latest GDPR and responsible gambling regulations.

This automated system makes the calls to players more efficient for the reactivation teams, which in turn leads to more conversions and player deposits. David mentioned that the aim of the IT team is to expand the software even more to make us, as a company, as effective as possible. For David, the (Re)Activation Cloud is his main source of data. “The more we expand the software, the better I can do my job, as the Data platform will deliver greater value, and provide a better basis for data driven decisions to Enteractive.” The IT department is working well together to make this happen. 

While David enjoys his work, a good work-life balance is still important for him. In the summer he’s out on his boat to relax or working on finishing his dream house in Malta. 

Has David’s story convinced you to be part of this incredible team? We are looking for a motivated software developer to join the Enteractive IT team in Malta. Find more information on and learn more about the available role!