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Enteractive’s Grid Sprinters are already gearing up for the Grid Sprint Malta event, taking place 17th October this year.   We’ve taken part for the last 3 years, and our teams love it!

Now’s the time to get busy with training for the event – although October feels like a long way away, it’s only 14 weeks to go and Enteractive encourages participants to get at least one day’s training a week for ten weeks before the event!

Our Enteractive Champion Sprinter from 2019 has a few tips on how to prepare for the event with a winning attitude.

James Di Silva finished the Grid Sprint 2019 in 1 hour 37 minutes, and claimed the Champion’s position from all the other Enteractive participants.  He says, “Get a good night’s sleep and make sure you are mentally ready and drink good amounts of water so you are not easily dehydrated.  If possible have some training sessions previous to the Grid Sprint.  Warm up, stretch your legs and body and have a team motivation talk.”

It’s not all downhill though, and many entrants can feel overwhelmed as they start the race, with the realisation that the finish line is a long, hot, muddy 6 kilometres away!

James gives us his insights on having a positive mental attitude to get through it!

“When starting the Grid sprint, it takes only a few minutes to feel that it will be challenging to get to the finish line of the sprint, but what I learned is that after passing the first mountain top, which comes about 10 minutes into the course, everything got easier after. It’s important to push yourself and hold an even tempo through out the course. What is good is that you also get a bit of a breather when waiting in line for obstacle courses along the way, and it helps you regain some energy.”

So how did James battle through more than an hour and half of this tough stamina-draining challenge?

“How did I end up in first place?  With a great team around me, helping me and motivating me to continue running.  Seeing other “average Joe’s” around me pushing themselves to the limit, gave me the ultimate power and will to finish the last half of the course at a high tempo! Suddenly I believed I could run even longer!”

James topped the Enteractive team times for the course, and he knows that all his work colleagues taking part in October will be gunning for him as they tackle the 2020 course.

It’s an activity that the Enteractive family love to take part in, strengthening bonds while injecting some healthy competition into team relationships.

Hopefully we’ll see you in the next Grid Sprint event!  Check out the video below to see what it’s all about…