Working in the iGaming industry as Sales Agent

One year ago, Urszula joined the Enteractive team as Reactivation Sales Agent. What does a day in her life look like, and what’s her secret to a successful career in sales? We sat down with her for a Q&A about her experiences at Enteractive.

How would you describe your recruitment and onboarding process at Enteractive?

“I came across an advertisement on social media for an available position at Enteractive. When I read the job advertisement, I immediately felt like this role would be perfect for me, so I checked out the website and applied for the job. 

The recruitment process was pleasant, even though it was different because it was in the middle of the pandemic. 

On the first day of joining Enteractive, I went through an onboarding presentation where everything I needed to know was explained. After that, you go through intensive training with your team manager. This training helped me to familiarize myself with the responsibilities and to get on board fast.”

What are the responsibilities within your role? 

“As a Reactivation Sales agent, I’m contacting existing and new players by phone to get them back into the game. However, it’s not just a sales conversation. It’s about being personal and having a real conversation with the players, to make them feel valuable and safe.”

What does a day in the life of an Enteractive Reactivation agent look like? 

“I personally like to be active in the mornings. Before work I run to get this spike of energy, which starts my day in the best way. 

Before we start work at the office or from home, we have a daily meeting with our manager. In this meeting we discuss any new things coming up for that day, feedback on the previous day and we create a daily plan. 

During the rest of the day we are talking to players, have breaks in between, and have other meetings if necessary. Sometimes there are special events like there is now with Euro 2021. There is a big screen in the office where we can watch the matches together after work. 

In my free time I study languages, do water sports, photography, or travel and discovering new places.” 

How would you describe the team environment? 

“Our team is nice, friendly and supportive. We always work together to create better opportunities, but most importantly we can rely on our manager and have a chat if we need it.”

What do you like about working at Enteractive? 

“We’re working in an international and friendly environment. There’s great energy within the team. The weekly meetings with our COO gives the team extra motivation and energy to start the week. 

Enteractive also offers opportunities for growth and to achieve your personal goals. The company values are good and the team feels like one big family.”

What’s your secret to a successful career in sales?

“I come to work with a positive attitude, great energy, working hard and setting goals for myself. I never say it’s impossible to do, but instead always looking for ways to improve and achieve more. 

When it’s not easy, never give up digging until you find diamonds – they’re not on the surface.”

Did you have previous experience in the iGaming industry?

“No, I never worked in iGaming before. Being a Reactivation agent at Enteractive was my first role in this industry. I did have many years experience in sales and a passion for sports events and competitions.”

What’s your favourite thing about living in Malta?

“Malta has lovely weather most of the year and quick access to the sea, which makes it a great place to live. Moreover, the island has many interesting places as you can see the long history and cultural heritage.”

Do you have advice for someone who wants to start or further their career in iGaming?

“When working in sales in the iGaming industry, your personality and mindset is very important, along with building good relationships with customers. When challenges come on your path, you choose how to overcome it and always give 100%. Be resilient and persistent.” 

What’s your experience of working in the iGaming industry? 

“The industry is great for growing in your professional career, and above all it’s fun. Always keep learning, listening, practicing, and keep an open mind.”


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