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Whatever experience you have, there can always be a slight nervous, anxious or excited feeling associated with an interview. Here at Enteractive, the Talent Acquisition team understands this (we have all been there before), and we adopt a more human approach. 

We always start with a big smile, a friendly hello and an opening question to help you ease into the interview. Generally, we like to start with telling you who we are, what we do and why we are looking to fill the specific role. From this point we go into detail as to your experience, personality and motivations. 

We enjoy our interviews, getting to know candidates and our potential colleagues so we have come up with a few tips to help you start on the right foot.

Top Tip – 1

Enteractive's Talent Acquisition

Enteractive’s Talent Acquisition Team

Always be on time – 5 minutes early is on time; On time is late; Late is unappealing. If we are meeting on Zoom, we will get notified once you have entered the room, if it’s face to face, let the receptionist know you are here for the interview. 

If you can’t make the interview, let us know in advance, even if it’s last

minute. We will be understanding, but time is important for all of us.



Top Tip – 2

Be presentable – Although we operate in an industry that has a casual approach to dress code and as a company, we are certainly fun, first impressions do count! This doesn’t mean to turn up in a suit, but at least throw on a nice t-shirt or something smart casual. 

Your setting is also very important – use a stable camera even if you are using your phone; be in a quiet place with good lighting and a neutral background. Prepare this prior to the interview.


Top Tip – 3

Do your research – Nothing is more important than to demonstrate what caught your interest and made you apply for the position. Carefully reading the job description should give you some answers as to why you want to work with us. What skills do you already have that you could use? How could you also improve? If something was not clear, this is the time to prepare questions for us. 

Go deeper by going through our website, our careers page and even our social media posts (Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) to better understand our company and do not hesitate to mention something that piqued your interest!


Top Tip – 4

Prepare yourself – It isn’t every day that you have 45 minutes to tell someone about your background, what you have done and what you are capable of doing. Think about your education, work experiences and extra-curricular activities – how have these had an impact on who you are today? Think of at least one challenge that you overcame, one lesson that you have learned, and use these as examples to illustrate your skillset, but keep it relevant to the job description requirements.

We don’t bite and would like to get to know you better. It’s your time to shine!


Top Tip – 5

Be yourself – We have an inclusive nature at Enteractive and we are looking not only for someone who can do the job and excel, but who will also fit in with our diverse culture. We are going to work many hours together, so being yourself is important from the moment we first meet. We want this to be a great fit for you as well as us – colleagues enjoying their teams and work life is super important to us. 


Top Tip – 6

Ask questions – Don’t be shy. Starting a new job is an important step in everyone’s life. It is normal to ask questions about the conditions like salary, schedule benefits, and work-life balance. 


Overall, you can apply these tips to any interview situation, however this is just a reflection of what we look out for here at Enteractive. Hopefully this helps you with your interview with us or wherever the next step is for you. 

We’re looking forward to meeting you…. 

From the Talent Acquisition Team at Enteractive. 


Ready for your next interview after reading these tips? Visit our careers site to see all of the available positions at Enteractive.