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Acquiring new players is the main driver of marketing plans across every operator in the iGaming space, some would even say it’s the number one driver.  As the global gambling market becomes more and more saturated, especially within more established markets such as the UK, we’re now seeing a shift in focus from acquisition to reactivation of existing players, or ideally a mixture of both…

“[Operators] obviously have their CRM cycle and it’s in quite advanced, they have a way of sending out emails, on-site messages, etc, but when it comes to creating that real connection to the players, I think there’s very little being done – especially in an industry that’s so generic, many use the same suppliers and there’s not that much difference apart from colour and branding of your website”, Michael Hansen explained

It’s very important to actually talk to the players, you connect with them and you have an honest conversation and actually tell them that you want them to come back to your site.  It’s the personal approach that makes all the difference.

Enteractive considers itself an industry leader when it comes to player reactivation and we’ve perfected our craft by making real connections with existing customers.

“I think what’s really important for Enteractive as a company is that we are far from the misconception that when you talk to players – when you actually reach out to customers – you do it in a large scale.  You call as many as possible and whatever comes in comes in”, he said.

We really focus on quality instead of quantity and that is something that is different, people are often surprised.  Leads are real people, not numbers – every single person should have the right to get a really nice conversation from their supplier, not just ‘hello, you have a bonus, bye-bye’.  It’s about making real connections even in a virtual world.  That’s what we at Enteractive know gives the long term value and monetises.

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