In the November issue of G3, Enteractive CEO Mikael Hansson looks ahead to the newly-regulated Swedish market and highlights how bonus limitations will force operators to consider an alternative approach to engagement with its players.

With operators restricted to pushing a single welcome offer to each player within the territory, it’s thrown into doubt as to how exactly companies will be able to retain and re-engage with their end-users.

It has so far been common practice to re-engage churned players with a Bonus offer or some free plays. Even though it only worked with a small percentage of inactive customers, it is the most widely used strategy. But the new Swedish legislation points at this as bad practice and it has to be abandoned.

“It is well established that bonus offers are an effective tool to grab the attention of customers, but they fail to command any sort of loyalty. Those attracted to free bets or spins are more likely to switch brands in search of the next incentive. However as tthe European iGaming industry matures, offers like these arre having less of an impact than they once did”

Not only do these offers have less impact over time, but they also attract customers that are less loyal in nature.

The legislation is also preoccupied with Responsible Gaming or the risk of tempting people back into the game after they showed signs of problem gambling.

In the article, Mikael argues how human interaction via personal one-to-one phone calls can help improve the relationship between operators and players, boosting loyalty and interaction levels and how it can improve an operator’s Responsible Gambling practices as a pleasant side-effect.

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