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27 September 2019, Malta (Press Release) Enteractive’s customer support services is now also offered in Japanese, for the Asian market. The new Enteractive native Japanese support service has been specifically created to support the growth potential of our client-base extending into Japan and Asia.

As veterans in support services, we look forward to helping our clients stand out by adding the human touch. Our interactions are delivered by highly-trained sales agents that are supported by robust technology, in their own language by people with similar cultural backgrounds. Enteractive technology and services can plug into any client system, becoming an extension of the operator’s day-to-day functions.

The exciting Japanese market is becoming increasingly attractive due to higher lifetime value of players (LPV) when compared to the European market. Although still unregulated it is also still largely untapped, so the potential for operators is huge. Enteractive is helping operators minimise risk whilst breaking into this new market by providing a plug and play service that scales with the operator and requires no technical upgrades from their end.

“By handling all inbound communications with their players throughout the day with quality support, we’ll be able to improve loyalty and the lifetime value of players for the operator.”

Said Enteractive CEO ‘Mikael Hansson’

Our new Customer Support Package for the Japanese iGaming market, helps our clients break into this new market more smoothly. It allows them to provide customer service in Japanese from day one. Kicking off operations in a new market without offering customer service in the local language is not feasible. Enteractive helps you get set-up quickly and easily.

Our support services plug into client websites and all other touch-points. It saves time and money whilst reducing the risk of setting up customer service operations in Japanese. Providing Japanese support right away also puts our clients in a position to work with the best affiliates from the onset. Helping operators ramp up from startup to profitable much faster.

About Enteractive
Enteractive is the industry leader in Reactivation, driving innovation through our tech, powered by personal human interaction.
As the pioneers behind the (Re)Activation Cloud®, we are experts in personal contact. We partner with operators to increase retention and player loyalty, by engaging with players on a 1-on-1 conversation.
Our (Re)Activation services use the latest innovative technologies to keep your player data safe, highly-secured and compliant with modern regulation including GDPR & G4 Gaming Responsible.
We’re about building bridges between operators and their players. By learning more about them we help you create a win-win situation where players are happier and your company is more profitable.
We also offer ongoing 24/7 Customer Support as an easy plug-and-play extension of your operations. 
For more information, kindly contact Ryan Kerr – B2B Sales Executive
T: +356 9910 0207