Enteractive Malta has received an accreditation that places them a cut above the rest. The Global Gaming Guidance Group – G4s, has awarded Enteractive with the Responsible Gaming accreditation after receiving an audit by the company, which included interviews and reviews with Enteractive staff and managers.

“G4 is very happy to have Enteractive on board. Enteractive, not being an operator, but working in the iGaming industry and having the greatest attention to Responsible Gaming is a sign of excellence. The board of G4 is extremely pleased with the efforts made,” stated the G4 team.  

Responsible gaming stands as a central pillar for all Enteractive’s agents that work on both Reactivation and Customer Support. As their mission statement explains – ‘Enteractive is committed to endorsing our customers’ responsible gaming policies and efforts including promoting the awareness of problem gambling and improving prevention, intervention and treatment.’  From initial training, agents and support staff undergo a General Awareness session, where they are taught to maintain and ensure that this code of practice is integrated as part of their daily operations.

COO of Enteractive, Mr Padidar explains, “We are very pleased to have received the Responsible Gaming accreditation from G4, the Global Gambling Guidance Group. We believe it is our duty as a responsible partner to keep up to date with our costumers’ policies through constantly working towards the highest responsible gaming standard amongst all our clients. We will continue to root responsibility as one of our core company missions“.

In order to uphold these principles, Enteractive has set strict procedures that are followed when dealing with all clients. If any leads show warning signs of gambling problems or issues with age restrictions, contact is immediately terminated and reported to the client. Our customer support is also trained in guiding players through different possibilities and tools to restrict their gambling if they wish to do so. This can be anything from setting limits on losses and deposits, depending on the individual client.

However, Enteractive understands that in order to uphold responsible gaming amongst their clients, precautions must also be taken amongst their staff. Working within the iGaming industry may make it easier to be confronted with gambling problems. Therefore, from commencement of employment, all staff are briefed on what they can do if they feel they might be experiencing gambling issues. With an open-door HR policy, all employees are encouraged to speak up about any issue and will be guided on how to seek professional help.

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